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    Rolex Became The Official Wimbledon Timepiece For The 34th Time

    Rolex has become the official timepiece of the Wimbledon Tennis Championships (Wimbledon) for 34 consecutive years. The long-term partnership between Rolex and Wimbledon demonstrates their common values: excellence, precision and performance. These common principles form a long-term and stable cooperative relationship between the two. Rolex is a recognized leader in precision watch manufacturing, while Wimbledon is the most classic of many tennis events.
       Seven Rolex brand endorsements will do their best at the 2012 Wimbledon: six Wimbledon titles, 16 Grand Slam titles, and a professional Grand Slam winner, Roger Federer · Ger Federer); French tennis master J.-Wilfried Ts · nga; 2009 US Open (US · pen) champion, Argentina’s highest ranked tennis player Juan · Martin Del Potro (Juan Martin Del P · tr ·); Danish junior tennis star Caroline Wozniac (Car · Line · Zniacki); Serbian tennis champion Anna Ivanovic ( Ana Ivan · vic); and the first group of Asian players to win the Grand Slam singles Grand Slam title, as well as Chinese tennis players Zheng Jie and Li Na who are changing the Chinese tennis sport. These outstanding tennis players will join other top players from more than 60 countries in a two-week tournament at the All England Lawn Tennis and Cr · quet Club.
    Wimbledon innovation and tradition
        As the oldest and most prestigious tennis tournament in the world, Wimbledon is just like a Rolex watch, known for its innovation and tradition. Wimbledon consists of more than a dozen events and is the only event in the Grand Slam that uses a grass court. In order to ensure the accuracy of the Wimbledon competition, the Wimbledon competition venue uses ryegrass, which is famous for its durability and deceleration, and is daily lined, rolled and trimmed to 8 mm. Hawkeye computer technology is used to track the flight of the tennis ball to ensure the accuracy of the sideline decision. Hawkeye technology was introduced in 2007 with the support of Rolex. The same technological advancement also allowed Wimbledon to install a revolutionary retractable roof on the Centre C · urt in 2009, thereby improving the playing experience for tennis players and spectators. The center court had about 500,000 spectators during the two-week match.
        Although Wimbledon has undergone a series of innovations in recent years, it still maintains its unique image and characteristics, and its tradition is widely recognized as a symbol of Wimbledon by global audiences. These traditions include rules that require players to wear white clothes, trained caddies, and strawberries and cream that spectators can enjoy at any time.
    Wimbledon timepiece
        The All England Club championships date back to July 1877. At that time, 22 tennis players held the first men’s tennis singles championship against 200 spectators at Wimbledon, which was also the only match at the time. The purpose of the game is said to be to raise funds to repair the small rollers that the club normally uses to maintain the gateball lawn.
    Rolex has been with this history since it became the official Wimbledon timepiece in 1978.
    Rolex and tennis
        In addition to close partnerships with Wimbledon, Rolex has also established partnerships with many other top tennis events. Rolex is the co-sponsor and official timepiece of the Australian Grand Open, the Australian Open. Rolex is also particularly honored to be the title sponsor of Shanghai’s top men’s tennis tournament Shanghai Rolex Masters (Shanghai R · lex Masters) and the charming Monte Carlo Rolex Masters (M · nte Carl · R · lex Masters). Rolex is also the official timepiece for the London ATP World Tour Finals (ATP W · rld T · ur Finals) and WTA (World Women’s Professional Tennis Association) Championships.
        Outside the court, Rolex supported the Davis Cup organized by the International Tennis Federation (Internatinal Tennis Federatin) and the Newport Meadows Rhode Island (Newp · rt, Rh · de Island) to participate in the development of the tennis industry by the Campbell’s Hall · f Fame Tennis Champi · nships. The legendary players who participated in the annual Campbell Hall of Fame Tennis Championships have become members of the International Tennis Hall of Fame (Internati · nal Tennis Hall · f Fame).
        Rolex, the world’s leading Swiss watchmaker, is always pursuing excellence, and it is particularly favored for elegant and precise tennis. The common pursuit of perfection in watchmaking and tennis has led to a close cooperation between Rolex and tennis.