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    The Birth Of Young Business Leaders Li Xiao Wins The Championship ‘balber Wu Xiaobo Youth Luncheon’ Is About To Open

    (October 23, 2018) The “Paper • Wu Xiaobo Youth” was co-sponsored by Blancpain, a Swiss fine watchmaking brand, in conjunction with Wu Xiaobo’s channel and the “FT Chinese.com” (FTChinese.com). ‘Luncheon’, after months of fierce competition, announced the final winner. As one of the young entrepreneurs with business ambitions and social contributions, Li Xiao, the founder of Global Catcher and chairman of Gejia Networks, who restructured the social relationship with an innovative business ecology, stood out in the final five battles, and won the award with famous financial writer Wu Xiaobo, Mr. Liao Xinjia, Vice President of Blancpain China, Zhang Yan, publisher of FT Chinese website, editor and deputy editor of the Financial Times Emerging Markets James Kynge, and other industry professionals have the opportunity to have lunch and will receive Blancpain One table.

     Founded in 1735, Swiss watchmaker Blancpain has a long history of 283 years and is also a very innovative brand in contemporary watches. In the past ten years, nearly 50 new movements have been born. As a successful brand for nearly three centuries, Blancpain hopes to share more history and culture, technical resources, and innovation and development experience with young entrepreneurs.

    Looking forward to a better lifestyle
    Li Xiao, founder of Global Catcher and Chairman of Gejia Networks

    Li Xiao, founder of the global winner of Blancpain Wu Xiaobo Youth Luncheon and chairman of Gejia Networks
     Under the background of the traditional single platform e-commerce in the mobile internet era, which is increasingly constrained by traffic and the cost of customer acquisition has started to soar, Li Xiao boldly switched the customer acquisition idea and founded a global catcher in 2016 to increase traffic with the concept of a sharing economy Transformation to build a one-stop local life service platform based on the ‘acquaintance economy’ model. Since its launch, Global Catcher has gained more than 2 million members worldwide and nearly 30 million purchasers worldwide.

     Li Xiao believes that the huge transaction volume comes from the trust of users, and trust comes from the rigor and ingenuity of enterprises in professional fields. When he founded the Global Catcher, he led the team around the world. Today, a team of nearly 600 people with professional technology, operations and procurement has selected more than 8,000 products from more than a thousand brands from tens of thousands of products in more than 60 countries around the world, dedicated to serving customers. ‘I think I can compare my business model to a set of clothes. Anyone can wear clothes, but the target audience is different, it is difficult to be 100% lily.’ Li Xiao is very proud of his business model. His growth stems from change and innovation. On October 30, 2018, the Blancpain Wu Xiaobo Youth Luncheon will officially open at the Blancpain Shanghai Xintiandi flagship store, so stay tuned.

    About the Blancpain Youth Program and Blancpain Wu Xiaobo Youth Luncheon

     In 1735, Mr. Jehan-Jacques Blancpain registered the ‘Baobao’ brand for his family-made watches, marking the watchmaking industry entering the brand era from the era of craftsmen. The spirit of ‘innovation is tradition’ is the root of Blancpain’s fine watchmaking, and provides lasting momentum for Blancpain’s long-term development. How to inject long-term life into the brand, and how can the current emerging brand grow into a next century enterprise? Blancpain’s history, culture and innovative development are undoubtedly a reference model for China’s young business leaders. Attaching importance to innovation and the development of young people led Blancpain to actively launch the Blancpain Youth Program. The Blancpain Youth Program aims to discover outstanding young people in different fields and encourage them to inject more vitality into the times.

     In March 2018, the first Blancpain Dreamland Literature Award was launched. In September of the same year, the Blancpain Dreamland Literature Awards was held in Beijing. The post-90s writer Wang Zhanhei won the grand prize for his debut work ‘The Empty Cannon’. , And received a 300,000 yuan bonus from Blancpain for young Chinese writers with great potential to help them focus on writing.

     In June this year, Blancpain announced that the brand officially launched the second chapter of the Blancpain Youth Program, the Blancpain Wu Xiaobo Youth Luncheon project, to find young entrepreneurs with outstanding business achievements in China aged 40 and below, to gather insights of the times. With an international perspective, the participants with the most commercial aspirations and social contributions in the business field are pushed to a higher platform.

     Young entrepreneurs from various popular verticals such as food, home furnishings, e-commerce, public welfare, education, etc. are ready to go. Through online voting and selection by expert judges, 5 candidates were born among many candidates, and at the end of September The last live roadshow PK was held in Hangzhou. The five candidates described their ingenuity and persistence along the way from product experience, product management, industry prospects, and social contributions. You can be empowered with greater energy.

     The Wu Xiaobo Channel has been dedicated to finding and supporting young entrepreneurs who can represent the new force of China’s manufacturing in 2016 among young entrepreneurs. This group of young entrepreneurs are dedicated to creating new consumer products that meet the trend of consumption upgrades and the needs of the new middle class, and have achieved excellent business achievements. Wu Xiaobo hopes to help China’s manufacturing industry to transform and upgrade by helping and guiding these young entrepreneurs with great business potential.

     With its international perspective, FT 中文 网 continues to pay attention to the development and impact of Chinese business innovation and consumption upgrades. It hopes to use this cooperation with Wu Xiaobo and Blancpain to tap the truly innovative Chinese business force.

     ‘Innovation is tradition’ is Blancpain’s DNA. The times are changing rapidly. Companies such as Blancpain, which have rich history, talents, technology, and resource reserves, still need continuous learning and innovation to maintain their industry leadership. And the innovation of any industry is inseparable from the participation of young people. The young generation, especially the educated, non-obedient, and socially responsible young generation, is mapping the possibilities of the future.