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    4 ‘radial Lines’ Watches

    If there is not a church on the side, Da Vinci’s ‘Centralized Church Design Sketch’ should be a draft of a watch. On the other hand, the draft design of those watches is too much like a ‘city’ or ‘building’ design.
    This is really interesting. What the world calls ‘miracle’ has nothing to do with volume, but the quality is on a balance. Rome was called the ‘eternal city’, and the whole city developed radially according to the terrain. Perhaps because of this, there is a saying that ‘all roads lead to Rome’. When design elements such as radial lines and gem inlays are applied to the dial’s decoration, it is hard to remind people of the charming and passionate city on the Apennine Peninsula. Dior VIII watch
    When we look through the sky with imagination, we can see the ‘city’ and ‘watch’. Take the city of Rome as an example. The squares, temples, circular arena, and symmetrical and orderly layout of the marketplace. These grand and authentic tracks always surround a large emptiness-the emptiness is to fill the ceremony or assembly, like this The beautiful Dior VIII series watches, the focus area surrounded by rectangular pink sapphires and diamonds is only a temporary destiny-‘city’ and ‘watch’. It is nothing more than a borrowing of the world, but it cannot be decorated without decoration. Natural talent. Roger Dubuis Automatic Calibre Watch
    The dial design with a gorgeous wind blows away the elegant charm revealed from the inside out. When the dial’s satin-finished rays pattern holds the beautifully deformed Roman numerals, the elegant design new ideas also spread. At this moment, time is stretched infinitely, and the pace at the foot becomes slow and long. The road is a long way to go, and it is accompanied along the way, presumably even if the different paths are the same.
       Omega Ladymatic Stainless Steel Women’s Watch with Diamonds
    Roland Bart mentioned in the ‘Symbol Empire’ that ‘all cities are central.’ When this sentence is mapped on the Omega Ladymatic women’s watch, the dense streets, houses, and fountains in the city are transformed into sun rays. The center of the city is the dial center. Taking control of the city’s center on the dial alone, not everyone has such a wonderful imagination. In contrast, pragmatists prefer hands with a luminous coating, and reading time anytime and anywhere is even more real. .
        Graves Ladies GraffStar Women’s Watch
    Every well-designed watch is often the only one. In the world, it may be one of the few, but how dare you take it easy? Ladies GraffStar is like that. The beautiful star-shaped relief pattern on the surface is decoration, which is Graff’s fantasy of the city: spreading, converging, spitting new and new, rigid and soft. The pavé-set diamond case and white gold lugs make the entire watch embedded in the claw holder like a diamond. Is it also telling the voice of Bernard Shaw-‘Everyone cannot escape his That city ”must be understood by only those who have empathy.