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    Casio Elegant Ocean Special

    Casio Oceanus special summer style, elegant blue ocean style
    Blue is the most important marine color in summer. CASIO OCEANUS launched a new watch integrating high-end technologies such as solar energy and radio waves in summer 2010. It focuses on blue and white colors, just like the blue ocean embraced by the summer sun, elegant. The sporty style interprets the leisurely summer style of a metropolis.
    Elegant blue ocean style
    OCEANUS is named after the god of the sea from Greek mythology, creating a unique marine style on the wrist. The overall design of the new OCW-S1400P introduced this time fully reflects the beauty of the ocean. It uses a light blue mother-of-pearl dial with a blue IP ion coating on the bezel. The hour and minute hands are decorated with blue. After the sun, reminiscent of the deep blue ocean.
        In terms of practical design, the watch surface uses anti-reflective coating of wear-resistant sapphire crystal, which can reduce the reflection trouble and improve the visual effect. The orange dot on the scale and the orange on the tip of the stopwatch make readings easier.
    Bring such a watch as if the ocean is in front of you.

    Perfect presentation of high performance and high texture
    6 rounds of radio waves
    OCW-S1400 can receive 6 radio waves of the world with high sensitivity, including standard time radio signals of China, Japan, Britain, Germany, and the United States, and automatically correct the time to maintain time accuracy.
    Tough movement
    OCW-S1400P is equipped with an advanced TOUGH MOVEMENT movement to ensure that the hands are offset due to external forces. The movement can be automatically corrected to allow precision to be performed at all times. At the same time, it effectively prevents ‘gear damage’, ‘deformation of the movement’, and ‘misalignment of the hands’ that occur when the movement is subjected to external impacts such as dropping. Its impact-resistant structure can improve the durability of the movement.
    Solar Drive
    Powerful solar drive function, which converts sunlight or even a weak fluorescent light source into electricity, ensuring the operation of the watch, and ensuring the accurate reception of radio waves, which is efficient and environmentally friendly.
    Special craftsmanship reveals detailed models
    Elegance has always been synonymous with OCEANUS, so the OCW-S1400 is extremely delicate in its production process and exquisite processing. The titanium alloy case and the bracelet treated with mirror-finished parts show a keen brilliance, exquisite elegance, which not only presents a three-dimensional layering, but also fits the wrist and increases wearing comfort.
    In the hot summer, OCW-S1400, elegant, dynamic, unlimited charm!