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    Focus On The Beauty Of Women Glashütte Organizes A Grand Pavonina Series Tour

    On June 21, 2013, Germany’s top watchmaker Glashütte warmly invited many VIP customers to participate in the 1920-themed super party hosted by Waterfall Mansion in New York.

     On the day of the event, more than 200 VIP guests participated, and the whole venue was arranged in a purple-based overall feeling. Of course, all this was to cater to the color design of the Pavonina series. Dieter Pachner, vice president of global sales of Glashütte watches, said that he was very honored to invite everyone to this event. This event is also very meaningful for the brand, which means that Glashütte will launch more designs in future designs. Sophisticated ladies’ watches, the Pavonina series launched this year is just the tip of the brand’s iceberg.

     Waterfall Mansion’s second and third floors display nearly 20 new Glashütte ladies’ watches, and the scene is very spectacular.

     Of course, the theme of this event is 1920. This is also because the Pavonina series was inspired by that era, when women were just freed from the family and went to society. Each exhibition hall of the venue is used to celebrate the different aspects of each woman. At the same time, a series of black and white portraits are specially set up in a exhibition hall to highlight the status of women in the early 20th century.