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    Classic Watch Excited Inner Core

    For many years, Patek Philippe has always paid attention to the multiple trends of complex functions, instilling a strong impetus for watchmakers to carry forward their fine traditions.
    Relative to the steady progress in 2011, the Swiss watchmaking industry that experienced the rapid growth seems to feel the way to become rich overnight, and launched the best-selling models adapted to the Asian market. Adding rose gold, downsizing, and entry-level stainless steel models to the original; adding compact women’s models to men’s watches; adding a chronograph function to the best-selling entry models … these old wines are replaced with new bottles, and even The ups and downs of the old wine-filled vials, even though they are lively and peaceful, are not surprising. In contrast, this year’s limited number of innovative and complex wristwatches is full of agility and vitality, which is even more precious.
    For many years, Patek Philippe has been focusing on multiple trends in complex functions, instilling a strong impetus for watchmakers to carry forward their fine traditions. This can be seen in the first trilogy of Patek Philippe’s 2012 Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show: Following the launch of the brand’s second complex watch Ref. 5208 last year, Patek Philippe once again brought the complexity followed by Ref. 5204 double-second chronograph perpetual calendar watch. The advent of the classic Ref. 5204 double-second chronograph perpetual calendar watch, thus announcing the perfect ending of the Patek Philippe traditional chronograph trilogy using a patented chronograph movement.

    Two-second chronograph and perpetual calendar
    双 This two-second chronograph and perpetual calendar watch features a manually wound mechanical movement. The movement number of this super-complex watch is CHR 29-535 PS Q. The perpetual calendar uses the same configuration as the Ref. 5270 chronograph that debuted a year ago, and on this basis, the design of the double-second chase chronograph device has been greatly improved. The new two-second chase-hand separation device reduces moving parts, reduces bearing burden, and improves amplitude stability; its patented equalization device ensures the precise overlap of the chronograph second hand and the chase second hand. The dial shows the day, month, leap year and day and night windows. Analog date display, moon phase display and small seconds dial. Two slender blue chronograph seconds hands followed one another, and the tense thrill of ‘race against time’ was staged between the square inches.
    时 World Time watches new members appear every year, and its stable playing frequency has long been experienced by watch lovers, and surprises are rare. Also as a World Time watch, Glashütte’s ‘Large Complex Tourbillon Watch’ has solidly completed an amazing performance in a space of 8.72 cubic centimeters. As the most complicated watch of the brand’s history, its world time function completely includes 37 time zones, which can accurately grasp daylight saving time and standard time (two small windows at 8 o’clock on the dial, one is standard time, the other One is daylight saving time), and can clearly show the day and night and time of hometown. Using the watch’s perpetual calendar function, you can record travellers’ clockwise or counterclockwise changes and the time difference between forward and backward during travel; therefore, all the time and date changes of the wearer when arriving at the destination are Can get displayed. At 12 o’clock, Glashütte’s patented flying tourbillon adds a traditional look unique to the century-old watchmaking brand.

    Difficult double tourbillon watch
    Flip to the back of the dial. The back of the 48mm platinum case is made of anti-reflective sapphire crystal glass, which clearly shows the exquisite manual winding movement. The Glashütte manual winding movement 89-01 is composed of more than 500 parts. The bottom splint is decorated with classic Glashütte threads, and the gold sleeve is also threaded, with winding gears and a 72-hour power reserve display. The back of the case is fitted with a platinum cover engraved with 37 time zone charts. Each time zone is indicated by the three English letters of the international airport code. Because the order is customized, if the customer wants to change the time zone setting, the brand can also change the representative city of the time zone ring.
    Although the brand was founded shortly, Maitres du Temps (meaning ‘Master of Time’) did reveal a masterful demeanor for technological innovation. Chapter Three Reveal’s new watch is equipped with complex functions, integrating time, date, moon phase, second time zone and day and night display. There are two hidden panels on the case embedded in the crown, which conceal two hidden display functions. After turning on the invisible panel, the day and night display function at 12 o’clock and the second time zone display at 6 o’clock are immediately visible. The day and night display window is purely hand-painted and handmade? The light is complete, the sun pattern symbolizes day, and the stars represent night.
    As for the adjustment of the second time zone, the ergonomically designed quick push knob is set at the 9 o’clock position, and the integrated detailed design echoes the simple lines of the case. Each time you press the button, you can set the second time zone by 1 hour. The time zone display is always synchronized with the day and night display, and can be adjusted forward or backward.
    Although it has a classic and traditional image, it does not prevent Baodi from becoming a fan of technological innovation. In the past 10 years, Breguet has applied for more than 100 patents, most of which are related to timing technology and sound adjustment devices. Breguet’s latest development, Chronométrie Reference 7727, not only improves the precision of the timepiece, but also gives the Classique series a new interpretation.
    The 2012 Breguet’s new 7727 watch features an eccentric hour and minute dial. The small seconds dial is located at 12 o’clock. The patented silicon hand is located at 1 o’clock and is used to indicate 1/10 seconds. The striking parachute suspension is at 2 o’clock and the 5 o’clock position is a power reserve indicator.
    This watch has a super-hertz frequency of 10 Hz. The biggest purpose is to improve the accuracy and stability of traditional mechanical timepieces. This is also the first time Breguet has applied ultra-high frequency to non-chronographs. In the watch section. Breguet, who is good at using silicon, makes this extremely high precision vibration frequency comparable to traditional balance springs. The main advantages of using silicon parts are that they can produce high precision over other metal materials, their weight is extremely light, and silicon is completely immune to magnetic waves. This model is therefore equipped with a silicon balance spring, a silicon pallet and a silicon escape wheel. Rarely, the ultra-high vibration frequency does not cause power loss. With its top watchmaking technology, the energy stored in the main barrel of Ref.7727 can continue to run for up to 60 hours.