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    Highlighting The Cultural Value Of Cross-sector: Vacheron Constantin ‘one Of Not Many’ Brand New Brand Advertising

    Vacheron Constantin’s latest brand advertising slogan ‘OneofNotMany is outstanding’ fully demonstrates Vacheron Constantin’s rich and unique watch world for more than 260 years. Throughout the field of fine watchmaking, Vacheron Constantin is well received by watch connoisseurs. In addition to its unique humanistic value, there are also traditional craftsmanship handed down by watchmakers and art masters from generation to generation. Vacheron Constantin was founded in 1755 and has a history of uninterrupted watchmaking for more than 260 years. Since its inception, the brand has been adhering to a purely fine watchmaking tradition and continues to innovate. Compared with appearance, Vacheron Constantin attaches more importance to inner skills. The spirit of continuous innovation and exploration, the inexhaustible enthusiasm and superb craftsmanship of watchmakers and art masters, the inheritance of traditional craftsmanship, the preservation of the brand’s precious historical heritage and its ability to keep up with the times, it is Vacheron Constantin’s appreciation of high-end watches. An important factor for family recognition and respect.

     Adhering to the unique temperament of low-key elegance, each of Vacheron Constantin’s timepieces demonstrates the brand’s delicate balance between superb technology and refined aesthetics, respect for tradition and courage to innovate, and carries the brand pursuit of strict self-discipline, humility and peace and transcendence. . In order to demonstrate this spirit, the brand has also collaborated with a number of talented artists. Their character and works show a constant pursuit of excellence, an open tolerance to the world, and an inexhaustible passion for innovation. Uphold. They have personality, vision, and passion. They are ‘experts’ in their fields, and they also interpret the concept of taste connoisseurs. A charming music artist, Benjamin Clementine. Not only is he proficient in a variety of instruments and has a solid singing skill, but he is also a modern poet and one of the talented talents of his peers. The innovative spirit of Benjamin is loyal to his own creations and leads the new generation to explore more unknowns in a unique way, demonstrating the concept of ‘OneofNotMany’.
     And musician and composer JamesBay believes that creativity has no formula to follow. Creativity requires a delicate balance between time, emotion and focus. After the success of his first album globally, he was not satisfied with the award, but chose to explore a new field of music and continue to break through himself, and finally released a second music album that combines rock and soul music, showing boldness And diversified music concepts. Both show a modern elegance that is exactly like the Fiftysix® series.
     The influential multi-domain designer OraIto complements the exquisite and elegant Patrimony series, which perfectly interprets minimalist design and exquisite craftsmanship, which echoes Ora’s iconic ‘Simplplexity’ style. CoryRichards is an experienced photographer and a fearless explorer. He successfully reached the summit of Mount Everest without the assistance of others. He traveled the world to capture the best moments and fully demonstrated the Overseas series. Explore spirit and openness.

    British singer Benjamin Clementine filmed OneofNotMany’s unique brand advertisement.
     In 2013, BenjaminClementine debuted with the perfect attitude of shining a star. The tortuous growth experience made him a little boy who taught classical music by himself, becoming one of the most striking and unique musicians in recent years. Benjamin’s first solo album ‘AtLeastForNow’ won the top British Music Awards 2015-MercuryPrize and VictoiredelaMusique-the most prestigious music award in the UK with unique music style and creativity. He then collaborated with DamonAlbarn to complete the Gorillaz GrammyAward award-winning album Humanz.
     In 2017, Benjamin released the second album, ITellAFly, which was well-received. This album was completed by himself, from recording, recording to post-production. Through ‘ITellAFly’, Benjamin talked about the exploration of the surrounding world from the perspective of his life experience, in order to find the meaning between the two. The entire album, full of anger, irony and criticism, resonated and coveted, and was praised immediately after its release. It also wiped out tour tickets including the Carnegie Hall in New York. The National Public Radio (NPR) even called him ‘GeorgeOrwell in the contemporary music world.’

    British creative singer JamesBay shoots OneofNotMany’s unique brand advertisement.
     JamesBay grew up listening to the music of Eric Clapton and Michael Jackson, and loved blues music as a teenager. He initially improvised as a folk singer, and then released a series of emotional pop songs, such as ‘LetItGo’ and ‘HoldBackTheRiver’. In 2015, James released his first studio album, ChaosAndTheCalm, which was recorded in Nashville; for this album, he was nominated by Grammy, recognized by the IvorNovelloaward Creators Association Music Awards and magazine GQ, and 2015 ‘Best Newcomer Award’ in QAwards.
     In 2016, James won the ‘Best Male Singer Award’ at the Q Music Awards and the ‘Best British Male Artist Award’ at the British Music Awards (BRITS). Listening carefully to James’ music, it is not difficult to find that it is not only the award-winning work, but the sincere voice that directly communicates with the soul, which can make the audience wave their hands and tears. James has a hard-to-find tour in the US, UK and around the world. In addition, he is a heavyweight guest at several famous music festivals. At the end of 2016, James discovered a new creative direction shortly after finishing his tour and quickly invested in the creation of a second album. He knew that the new creative direction would lead him into a new field, and he was very excited about it. In 2018, James, who insisted on innovation, released his new album ‘ElectricLight’, which candidly express the joy and sorrow of people.

    French architectural designer Ora-ïto shoots OneofNotMany’s unique brand advertisement.
     OraIto was born in 1977. At the age of 19, OraIto made its debut with virtual 3D products created for LouisVuitton, Apple, Nike and other brands. Since then, he has collaborated with many internationally renowned brands in the field of design and architecture. He called his design concept ‘simpleplexity’, which means giving functionally complex items a minimalist look. His work combines classic and popular luxury with a minimalist appearance, showing a new aesthetic style. In 2011, Ora was awarded the Chevalierdes Artsetdes Lettres by France.
     In 2013, he constructed the Marseille Modulor in Marseille, France, and invited artists such as XavierVeilhan, Daniel Buren, and Dan Graham to hold exhibitions from 2013 to 2015. Ora’s latest works include a new tram designed for the city of Nice, France in 2016, an ICO chair that was unveiled at MilanFurnitureFair, and six emblems created to become the permanent collection of the Pompidou Centre in Paris Sex work, and in 2017 he teamed up with Daniel Buren to create the new-generation Yooma ‘UrbanLodge’ near the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

    American explorer and visual artist CoryRichard filmed OneofNotMany’s unique brand advertisement.
     CoryRichards is an explorer and visual artist. From 14-year-old high school dropout to climbing Mount Everest without oxygen, his life is an adventure. With a camera, he walked from a complex and constrained studio to remote and desolate corners of the world, from unmanned Antarctic peaks to the Himalayas in Nepal to the forgotten theaters of Angola, Uganda, and Pakistan—not only Capture the adventurous soul, and try to discover the contradictions and amazing similarities of human society.
     Cory has successfully climbed Everest twice, and the summit in 2016 was even completed without oxygen supply. Cory is a passionate climber, producer of social documentaries, and the world’s top photographer. His work covers a wide range of topics, including adventure, geopolitics, social influence, and portraits. His work has appeared in ‘Outside’ magazines and ‘New York Times’ many times, and his film works have almost swept the awards of various adventure film festivals, including the BanffMountainFilmFestival award.

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    Tudor Launches The New Kai Cheng Biwan Harold Blue Circle Special Edition Watch

    Tudor launched the new Kai Cheng Biwan Special Edition watch, which will be exclusively sold at Harrods in London. The bezel and second hand of the new watch are decorated with Harold’s signature green, which is very distinctive.

       In addition, the waterproof logo on the dial also places ‘feet’ in front (usually ‘meters’), reflecting Harrods’ British attributes. The back of each watch is engraved with the Arabic numerals and the ‘H’ in the Harold logo.
       Tudor took inspiration from the brand’s rivet bracelets from the 1950s to the 1960s, and equipped the new Kai Cheng Biwan Harold Special Edition with a stainless steel bracelet and a black fabric strap.