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    Breitling Launches Montbillant Limited Edition B01 Watch

    This is Breitling’s fourth watch equipped with its fully-produced Caliber Breitling 01 movement. After Navitimer 02, Chronomat 01, Transocean Chronograph, Breitling will launch Montbrillant 01 Limited limited edition watches at Baselworld 2011.

    The watch is available in all-steel and red gold cases, limited to 2000 and 200 pieces respectively. Individual numbers are engraved on the side of the ring. The silver dial has a red 100-division dial in the center. The chronograph second hand is in the center. The small seconds, chronograph minute and hour counters are at 9 o’clock, 3 o’clock and 6 o’clock respectively. The calendar window is between 4 and 5 o’clock. The outer ring of the dial is a flight slider with Breitling characteristics.

    The name Montbrillant is derived from Montbrillan street in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. From 1892 to 1979, Breitling was located here. It was here that Breitling created many inventions and technological innovations in chronograph watches, including the first independent chronograph button (1915), dual independent chronograph buttons (1934), and the first self-winding chronograph watch (1969 ). It is also here that Breitling produced the first aircraft cockpit timer, and with the prosperity of the air transport industry, it was widely used in propeller aircraft and later jet aircraft, which won Breitling’s designation for the world aviation industry Supplier’s reputation.

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    Iwc18k Red Gold Watches

    IWC launched the Portuguese Perpetual Calendar Dual Moon Phase 2010 limited edition watch exclusively in the store, with a surface diameter of 44.2 mm. It adopts an 18K red gold case with a rhodium-plated moon phase display disc. Compared with the rose gold case, the new 18K red gold model has a warmer tone treatment.
       This watch has a unique symbolic meaning in IWC’s legendary perpetual calendar series. The Portuguese perpetual calendar dual moon phase watch ideally combines a complex watch with the date display, day, week, month, 4-digit year and date display of the perpetual calendar month. Extremely complex mechanical theories are presented through simple and clear functions. All applaud.
       The new 2010 limited edition watches in the boutiques, while changing, also retain the classic Portuguese calendar watch: mirror symmetry, showing the moon phases of the northern and southern hemispheres at the same time, showing the moon in two circular faces. In addition, the watch is equipped with an unprecedentedly accurate perpetual calendar, and the year 577 is only one day away.
       The new IWC Portuguese Perpetual Calendar Dual Moon Phase 2010 limited edition watches in the boutiques are limited to 30 pieces and are only available for sale in the brand’s global boutiques.

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    Drummer Eric • Kiss Choir Drummer Of Gorgeous Rock Visits Glashütte Watchmaking Factory

    On June 13, 2013, the Glashütte Watch Factory welcomed a prestigious visitor—Eric Singer, drummer of the American heavy metal rock band KISS choir. Greg accompanied Doc McGhee, tour agent of the KISS choir, to the Glashütte Watch Factory. Günter Wiegand, general manager of Glashütte, warmly welcomed their arrival.

    希 Under the leadership of relevant personnel, Higg and his party began this journey of watchmaking craftsmanship. Glashütte’s professional watchmaking factory is composed of the main departments of movement design, tool production, parts production, electroplating, parts inspection, grinding, assembly, quality inspection and other major departments. Sieger watched the superb skills of the watchmaking masters through the fully transparent glass scene. Learn about the unique inherentness of Glashütte watchmaking. After the factory tour, Higg and his party also visited the German Watch Museum and Glashütte’s boutique in Dresden.

    Eric Hig is a watch enthusiast and watch expert, with a collection of precision mechanical watches. These include several current models of Glashütte as well as earlier models made in the 1960s and 1970s. As a watch enthusiast, Higg has been looking forward to visiting Glashütte and understanding the exquisite production technology. When the touring KISS choir came from Berlin to Prague, Higg specially stopped on the way to the Czech Republic to visit the Glashütte watch factory. Through this visit, Sieg has a more detailed understanding of the production process of Glashütte watches. Glashütte’s original history, the enthusiasm shown by precision mechanics and watchmakers, and Glashütte’s series of products deeply moved Hig. I believe that after this tour of the watch world, Glashütte has another loyal fan.