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    Showing The Style Of Complex Mechanical Watches Athens Classic Tourbillon Watches And Dual Time Zone Watches Are On Sale

    Through the cold of January and February, we welcome the mildness of March. As winter drifted away, the smog in Beijing also dissipated. In this mild spring, it is a perfect time for friends to go shopping with friends. Recently, the author learned that the classic timing of two Athens watches from Beijing Hengdeli (Wangfujing) is on the spot, one is a big fire flame enamel tourbillon watch, and the other is a dual time zone watch. The exquisite watch design and unique design style have made the two brand classic series watches have a good market performance. Let’s take a look together.

    Athens Classic Series 1782-133 / E0-60

       The Athens watch has always been a pioneering spirit: in 2001, the brand became the first watchmaker to develop a silicon escapement; in 2002, it first tested a diamond hairspring, opening up new ideas for exploring high-quality hairsprings for watches. ; In 2005, the patented Athens two-way escapement was made of silicon, and the first diamond escapement was used in the watch; in the end, the first diamond layer was planted on the surface of silicon to become diamond silicon DIAMonSIL. The fruitful achievements in watch technology have created many pioneering timepieces, including this big fire enamel dial tourbillon watch, combining the extraordinary dial technology with the tourbillon represented by the complex functions of mechanical timepieces, which can be called Another masterpiece of the Athenian watch.

    Athens Classic 3433-126 / 92

       The dual time zone watch can be said to be one of the highlights of Athens watchmaking. Its stylish appearance, excellent performance and simple adjustment make this type of Athens watch the first choice for many business travelers and explorers. Just like this dual time zone black dial watch, the simple design and smooth lines show the essence of the watchmaking of the Athens brand. The polished stainless steel case exudes a delicate and deep light, which is very beautiful. The black dial uses a variety of geometric designs to show a unique visual effect. The unique design of the round second time zone time display window adds a great sense of appearance to the wearer, and it is full of layers.
    Summary: In summary, two outstanding timepieces introduced to you today. Whether it is a tourbillon watch or a dual time zone watch, it is a classic timepiece of the brand. The fascinating watch styles and the very good inner core are combined to create their decent market performance. It is worth mentioning that the tourbillon structure of the Athenian watch is very unique. When you listen to it with ears, there will be a strong rhythmic movement, which adds style to this extraordinary timepiece. In addition, there are other exquisite watches in the store waiting for you to explore. If you like it, you might as well check it out.
    More details:
    This quotation was collected on March 10, 2017. The watch price / spot is subject to change at any time. For the final price, please pay attention to the store details.
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    [Dealer Name]: Hengdeli (Wangfujing Store)
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    [Contact]: 010-65253490