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    Three Chronographs Recommended

    Chasing hand timing function, popularly speaking, when the watch is loaded with two seconds hands, when the timing button is pressed, the chronograph hand and the chasing hand overlap and advance, and the first pressing of the chase hand When the timing button is pressed, the tracking hand stops and the time can be recorded. When the tracking hand is pressed twice, the timing hand and the tracking hand will meet again. And this function requires a more severe level of movement requirements to be able to do it, and because this function is not very usable in daily life, it has not been widely used. But today, the House of Watches is about to rekindle the fire of ‘Chronograph’, for you to take stock of several chronographs, maybe you will gradually discover the charm of chronograph.
    IWC Portugal Series IW371215 Watch

    Product model: IW371215
    Watch diameter: 41 mm
    Case thickness: 12.5 mm
    Movement type: manual mechanical
    Movement model: 73240
    Case material: 18k rose gold
    Water resistance: 30 meters
    Watch details: 1950 series PAM00427 watch

    Product model: PAM00427
    Reference public price: USD 24400
    Watch diameter: 47 mm
    Movement type: manual mechanical
    Movement model: P.2006
    Case material: titanium
    Water resistance: 100 meters
    Details of the watch: the classic design of the 1950 series, the square case and the unique bridge design, but this watch’s double-tracking seconds hand is its biggest highlight. The blue and silvery white seconds hand stands out from the black dial. The movement uses the manual-winding movement P.2006. The watch was launched in 2013. It is currently relatively difficult to see on the market. It is also one of the very few Panerai watches with chronograph.
    Lange 1815 series 706.025 watch

    Product model: 706.025
    Watch diameter: 43 mm
    Case thickness: 16.6 mm
    Movement type: manual mechanical
    Movement model: L133.1
    Case material: 950 platinum
    Details of the watch: Manually wound movement, and such a watch movement with the complex functions of perpetual calendar, stop-second tourbillon, chase chronograph, etc., the size is only 32 mm, and the thickness is also controlled at 10.9 mm. Undoubtedly, Lange demonstrated the high-precision, cutting-edge watchmaking skills in perfect form.

    Summary: When discussing current watchmaking techniques, sometimes quartz, smart watches and mechanical watches are confused, but in fact there is no value of comparison between the three. Through its sophisticated watchmaking skills, mechanical watches still show many people’s charm. Among them, the existence of chasing chronographs is also to retain traditional skills and retain the status of mechanical watches that cannot be replaced.