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    As a watch fan, it has been 9 years, and it has been 3 years since I kept writing the official name. Now, a new starting point is waiting for me: start to brew an independent watchmaker concept store. I hope that this will bring the spirit of independent watchmakers and craftsmen to China and take root. -Mr. Ye On the last week or two of September 19, 2019, or more accurately, over the past year or so, I have traveled frequently in major cities in China. Not to travel and experience life, but to exchange experience with watch fans in major cities-listen to their views on independent watchmaking and even the Chinese watch market to verify the existence of an independent watchmaker concept store in the Chinese mainland market space. Run down three laps, the answer is: yes! Chongqing The first stop of the red liquid, Chongqing. This is a hot pot-filled city in the air. The gathering with cousins ​​is naturally inseparable from a hearty Chongqing hot pot. Hairy belly was boiling in a boiling red pot, scattered onions on oil dishes, eating small crispy meat, talking about independent watchmaking, ‘Ba Shi’. Even Teacher Liang Tian praised the watch! Billowing Yangtze River water and HYT flowing blue liquid Dalian Blue Liquid The second stop came to Dalian, which is famous for seafood. Although it was tickled by worms as soon as it landed, I thought about two cousins ​​and immediately went to the castle. The hotel. People in Dalian have a passion for independent watchmaking beyond my imagination. In the two watch friends’ gatherings, everyone shared their thoughts on independent watchmaking enthusiastically. One of them is very proud of me, ‘HYT’s liquid timepieces have become their own network red mechanical watches.’ The HYT displayed at the scene of the cousin party has been recognized by many collectors as only one in the world. After the flower arm watch fans wore the H3 series party, the enthusiastic sister-in-law also warmly invited me to the famous local supper. Satisfied my gourmet stomach. Shanghai Shangyu Center, the last stop of the green liquid, returned to Shanghai. At the invitation of HSBC Shangyu Center, it shared the art of time flow to its private VIP customers. The three-station table fan party’s itinerary has come to an end. Next, I will be more busy because of the store opening in December. So the update of the public number may be slightly slower, but I still insist on writing it down, even if I only record a record of the entrepreneurial process, because this number represents my spirit of craftsmanship, and I cannot give up! The secret water of liquid flow, the source of all things, is also a measure of time. As early as in ancient times, humans recorded the passage of time by dripping water; but in modern times, it once became a time measurement tool-the natural enemy of watches and clocks: all watchmakers in the past sought to exclude water. It was not until the advent of HYT that water and time were once again integrated, and an unprecedented liquid timepiece in the field of horology was introduced for centuries-the precise indication of time by the flow of liquid. ‘Time is flowing’, the realization of this romantic idea on the wrist is inseparable from HYT’s ‘black technology’. The core of the whole system lies in the two piston pumps under the movement, which are respectively colored water-based liquid and colorless oil-based liquid. When the watch is running, the power from the mainspring acts on the piston pump containing the aqueous liquid through the cam. After the pump is pressurized, the internal colored fluorescent liquid gradually flows to the catheter, ‘squeezing’ the colorless oily liquid that was originally filled in it To indicate the hour. The world is amazed by HYT’s current vision of the future, but few people know that it is almost ‘dead’. Because, this ‘crazy’ idea faces too many challenges when landing, and it is still a new challenge without any experience to refer to. For example, how to ensure that the liquid flows smoothly in the curved conduit, how to control the flow rate of the liquid can accurately correspond to the time … But fortunately, HYT has a professional R & D team who dares to accept the challenge: In order to ensure the smoothness of the oil circuit, The inside is coated ten times with chemical material. Moreover, this coating is not universal, and whenever a colored liquid is replaced, the coating must be re-developed with it. The colored fluorescent liquid is pressed into a glass tube with a diameter of less than 1 mm. In order to make the tube with a diameter of less than 1 mm to show the shape at the beginning of the design, the craftsman continuously adjusts the heating temperature and the bending force. Basically ten attempts can be successful. A tube is manually bent after heating. In order to ensure the accuracy of the liquid to reach the whole point, HYT uses a spacecraft-grade spring in the movement—from NASA suppliers, which is also the only external part of the liquid display component. Purchase parts … NASA-grade springs are also the only purchased parts in the entire liquid display mechanism. It is precisely because of HYT’s high standards for every detail. The entire ‘liquid timepiece’ concept development process took ten years and experienced After tens of thousands of experiments, the research and development cost is up to about 200 million yuan. Not to mention, as long as there is any change in parameters of a HYT watch, such as the length and shape of the catheter, the color density of the liquid, etc., it will need to undergo a long re-design and development. This is a situation that traditional machinery has never encountered in the production process, and it is also the mystery that HYT can lead the field of fine watchmaking. From the long-discontinued H1 watch to the new SOONOW watch, this is the case …

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    Full Calendar Display Brief Comment On Blancpain Moon Lake Phase Watch

    Blancpain Léman series watches are extremely contemporary, and are the best companions for leisure travel of modern men and women, reminiscent of the pleasure of traveling the Quartet and exploring the wonderland. The Léman watch is not only suitable for daily wear, but also a treasure that can be passed down from generation to generation. Today’s Watch House brings you a brief review of a Blancpain Lake Moon phase watch, the official model is: 2360-4691A-71.

     The watch is made of steel, and the case and bracelet are also made of stainless steel. On the outside, the stainless steel bezel is studded with diamonds for a total of 1.34 carats.


    Whether viewed from the front or from the side, the diamonds set on its bezel cannot be ignored, and they are flashing. In addition to the diamond highlights of the watch, the watch also has a day, date and month display function, which is a full calendar watch.


    The watch is made of full stainless steel, and the lugs and crown are no exception. From the picture we can see that the watch’s bracelet buckle has several screws on the top and bottom, which is mainly for easy adjustment, if you have a strong ability Try it yourself. Watch House still recommends that professionals adjust better.


    The stainless steel bracelet of the watch is equipped with a folding clasp, a push-opening device, and the buckle is also engraved with the classic Blancpain logo.


    The crownless side of the watch, from the picture we can see that this side of the watch is engraved with the brand name of Blancpain. According to official data, the thickness of this watch is 11.4 millimeters. This thickness is believed to be manageable by most people.


    In addition to the full calendar display, the watch also has a complex moon phase profit and loss display function. The moon phase disk is located in the small seconds at 6 o’clock.

     This watch is designed with this first buckle and a push-open mechanism. Like the case and strap of the watch, it is also made of stainless steel.


     The watch is equipped with a cal.6763 self-winding movement, which consists of 262 parts. It can provide 100 hours of power when fully wound. It’s a pity that the watch does not have a sapphire crystal glass bottom design, so we can’t observe the inside of the movement by ourselves.


    Summary: Unlike the annual or perpetual calendar, the full calendar function does not take into account the different lengths of each month, so it needs to be corrected five times a year, at the end of the month with fewer than 31 days. The full calendar watch reproduces the cyclical changes of the moon phases on the dial, and also reflects the long-standing connection between watchmaking technology and astronomy. The moon phase watch shows whether the moon is at the stage of new moon, gradually increasing, full moon or gradually decreasing. The current domestic price of this watch is 135,500 yuan.

    For more watch details, please click: blancpain / 5370 /