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    Mechanical ‘calculator’ Perpetual Calendar Of Complex Functions

    Perpetual calendar, as one of the three complicated functions of the watch, is as famous as the three questions and tourbillon. The perpetual calendar does not really need to be adjusted for 10,000 years. Its English name is Perpetual Calendar, which means eternal calendar. It feels more exaggerated than the Chinese perpetual calendar. According to the current calendar calculation, from the existing technical conditions Judging from this, it is an impossible task to really make a mechanical watch that never needs to be adjusted.

    Audemars Piguet Perpetual Calendar Automatic Movement 5134

       Why the perpetual calendar watch is so complicated, first of all, we must understand the current calendar, mainly the leap year problem (a total of 366 days in a leap year, 29 days in February, one day more than a normal year), we all know that every 4 years, a hundred years No, but every 400 years is another leap year, so when the cycle continues to 3300, it should have been a leap year. However, due to the inaccuracy of our timing, the year 3300 is still a normal year and one less leap year. There is no end to this error, so it is impossible to say that a mechanical watch with an eternal calendar is impossible. At least one of the current technologies is impossible by means of gear memory. Therefore, most of the current perpetual calendar watches on the market can persist to 2100. When a century is not alive, it will still be regarded as a leap year 29 days, so you need to manually adjust it at that time, but currently we have a perpetual calendar model. For my cousin, I’m afraid few people can insist on adjusting their own perpetual calendar watch by 2100.

    Roger Dubuis RD821J perpetual calendar movement

       What is the difference between a perpetual calendar watch and an ordinary calendar watch? There is an extra perpetual calendar template inside the movement, which is used to calculate the big and small months and the leap year. This template is the essence of the perpetual calendar watch. This template is independent of the watch’s hour, minute, and second system. It operates through a micro gear. This template system requires four years for one rotation, and then another cycle, which perfectly solves the four years. A slew of questions.

    Lange homemade L101.1 manual winding perpetual calendar movement

       Since the perpetual calendar watch has solved the problem of four years, why not directly solve the problem of one hundred years? To solve the problem of one year in four years, it is to calculate the number of days in each month by using a sufficient number of different gears to sag. You only need to calculate the detailed data of 48 months to solve the problem of one year in four years. Cycling may be a clumsy method, but it is also a very effective method. But if you want to solve the problem of a century, then the number of gears is incalculable, so the perpetual calendar watches on the market are currently on the market. None of them can solve the problem of being a hundred years old. Although some brands claim that they have solved the problem of being a hundred years old, they have not had the opportunity to witness them, so I just have the right to act as a brand publicity.

    Recommended perpetual calendar watches

    IWC Portugal Series IW503401 Watch

       This watch is equipped with a dual moon phase display of the IWC Portuguese series perpetual calendar watch, showing the change of the moon phase profit and loss in the northern and southern hemispheres in a mirror-symmetrical manner. This is also the first for IWC engineers to allow Southern Hemisphere wearers to watch the correct moon phase position on the dial. For the first time, this watch no longer has a countdown display showing the number of days remaining from the next full moon. Instead, watch designers have designed the small dial of the entire moon phase display as a starry night sky, the color of the small dial is consistent with that of the large dial. In this way, the moon and stars seem to be suspended in the boundless sky. The application of the IWC Portuguese classic rail-type minute ring is another new feature in the design. As a result, this watch is more similar in appearance to the classic Portuguese founder. The date and day display dials are the same color as the dial, making the entire dial look more balanced and elegant.

    Glashütte Original Art and Craft Series 100-02-22-12-50

       The highlight of Perpetual Calendar is the combination of art and watchmaking, with automatic identification of leap year and month length. People who wear it often need not adjust the watch for life. Until March 1, 2100, day and night, date, month, year, and leap year can be accurately displayed; only 2100 is the next century of the Gregorian calendar-logically, this year is a leap year, but it does not have February 29.

    Jaeger-LeCoultre Q1612420 watch

       Master Eight Days Perpetual The eight-day power reserve master watch in 18K rose gold provides the most exquisite display space for the perpetual calendar function. It is a masterpiece for high-end watch lovers. This masterpiece of fine watchmaking has a power reserve of up to 8 days, and its outstanding performance and elegant design demonstrate its outstanding strength.

    Summary: Many people think that a watch with a perpetual calendar function must display the date, day of the week, month, and year, but in fact, the true meaning of the perpetual calendar is to automatically distinguish between big and small months and leap years. Calculations are done, and nothing is missed every year and every month.