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    The Opening Film Of The 67th Cannes Film Festival ‘prince Of Monaco’ Re-emerged In The Cartier Palace Jewelry

    For more than 100 years, Cartier has been known as ‘the emperor’s jeweler, the jeweler’s emperor’ has always had a deep affection for the royal family. When the first royal commission was received from King Edward VII of the United Kingdom in 1904, Cartier was favored by noble celebrities with unique designs and outstanding craftsmanship, and gradually became the royal jeweler of the royal houses in Europe. The film ‘Grace of Monaco’, directed by French genius director Olivier Dahan and starring the famous international movie star Nicole Kidman, was held in Cannes on May 14 The opening film of the festival not only tells the magnificent life of Grace Kelly, a legendary woman of the royal family, but also shows the inextricable connection between Cartier and the royal family.

    Among Cartier’s many crowds, the ladies are countless, and Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco is one of them. The princess’s legendary life is always closely related to Cartier. In 1956, Prince Rainier III of Monaco chose a custom-made Cartier ring with 10.47 carats of emerald-cut diamonds to propose to him. At the centennial wedding of the two, Princess Grace received many Cartier jewelry gifts, including a crown inlaid with rubies and diamonds and a three-string diamond necklace worn in her official portrait of the royal family.

    In the film, Princess Grace, wearing a pink hat, was wearing Cartier’s custom jewelry. Standing in front of the boutique on the 13th Street of Peace in Paris, she announced to the media that she would give up her Hollywood acting career and join the family and the royal family The obligation to push the film to a climax.

    With its extraordinary skills, Cartier assisted in the filming of this film, adding icing on the cake. It is worth mentioning that, with the permission of the Monaco royal family, Cartier intentionally faithfully reproduced five works in the Monaco royal jewelry collection for the film, so that the classic image can be reproduced.

    In addition to the historical re-enactments worn by Nicole Kidman in the film, the Spanish actress Paz Vega, who plays Maria Callas, also features an exquisite Cartier emerald Necklace haute jewellery necklace elegant appearance. The main actors in the show, including Tim Roth as Prince Rainier III and Robert Lindsay as Aristotle Onassis, are also included in the film Wear Cartier watches and accessories.

    Cartier’s Fang Zong will once again shine in the country of light and shadow art, and will definitely achieve another classic in the history of film.

    In the film ‘The Princess of Monaco’, the famous international actress Nicole Kidman, who plays Grace Kelly, wears Cartier’s antique jewelry: a ruby ​​and diamond crown, and a three-string diamond necklace.

    The famous international film star Nicole Kidman wore Cartier Paris new wave series rings, bracelets and earrings, and rose gold diamond necklace.

    Cartier Reissue Trio Diamond Necklace

    Princess Grace, 1963

    Poodle style brooch, Cartier Paris, 1958

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    Passion As The Exclusive Official Timing Of Gt1 World Championships

    Blancpain, a 276-year-old Swiss luxury watch brand, has reached an agreement with the GT1 (Grand Touring) World Supercar Championship held by the Federation Internationale de L’Automobile. Become the exclusive official timing partner of the new GT1 World Championship.

        As one of the oldest luxury watch brands in the world, Blancpain is world-renowned for its exquisite watchmaking craftsmanship, and continues to make fascinating watches. In 2009, the brand explored other areas and cooperated with sports car brand Lamborghini. Later in 2010, Blancpain became the official timepiece of the FIA ​​GT1 World Championship. In 2011, Blancpain was once again the exclusive official timing partner of the GT1 World Championship, and will provide accurate timing for the fierce racing cars at the International Circuit in Ordos, China on September 4, and in Beijing on September 11. At the second stop of the 2011 GT1 World Championship held in Beijing-Hong Kong Auto City, Blancpain will also witness the dynamic and passionate moment of the GT1 World Championship.
    About FIA GT events:
        Beginning in 1997, according to FIA regulations, the racing teams in the GT race are all private teams, and the participating cars must be made on the basis of production cars. The car does not need to be equipped with a catalyst converter or limit the noise. Each car has at least two and up to three drivers, and each driver can only drive a maximum of 55% of the distance of the race. Among them are many well-known sports car brands including Lamborghini, Aston Martin and Porsche. GT1 is the highest level of a GT race in FIA. There are no restrictions on the number of participating vehicles. The 2011 GT1 China station will be settled in Ordos and Beijing.

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    From Switzerland To England 2013 Breitling Flight Festival Summer Carnival

    The Breitling Air Show is held as promised every year. The Breitling Global VIPs are convened for a grand event with blue sky, white clouds and mountain winds. This summer, the Breitling Flight Festival left Lucerne, Switzerland, where it was held, to fly to a new destination-Manchester, UK. Several Breitling exclusive flight performance teams and legendary aircraft in aviation history gathered at the Royal Air Force Ternhill Airport to embrace the vast sky and boundlessness of England. Field. VIPs visiting England can enjoy shocking aerobatic flight shows, experience thrilling various flights, watch legendary airplanes, test drive Bentley sports cars, visit the Bentley Crewe factory … Enjoy unlimited summer excitement on Breitling’s exclusive and exclusive journey.

    Royal Wind Flight Hug the Sky

     The world-renowned Breitling Wingwalkers flew through the clouds with 450 horsepower, bringing a retro and gorgeous ‘cloud walk’. As long as you are brave enough, you can stand on the wing like a beautiful woman strolling in the sky, experience a ‘flying out of the cockpit’, and even step on the blue sky with your feet on the ground, and be an amazing sky explorer! Fighting against each other is the Breitling Angels aerobatic team that sprays red, yellow, black, and green. They draw rainbows across the blue sky of England to bring pleasing aerobatic performances.
     The beautiful orange-colored Breitling Skywalk flight team performed an exquisite ‘cloud walk’, and the front end was eager to try the Breitling Angel Aerobatic Team Pitts Special S2A biplane four-color colorful Breitling Angel aerobatic team and the blast, racing in the British sky Draw a rainbow

     There are more extreme experiences waiting for the brave you to challenge: take the front cabin of the Breitling MX2 two-seater, and be driven by the legendary pilot Nigel Lamb in the Red Bull Aerobatic Flight Race in the back seat. A ‘sky showdown’ against a Bentley sports car; sit in the cockpit of a Breitling Bücker Bü-131 aircraft and experience the ‘air major’ in this legendary aircraft that once served the German Air Force and fought in World War II. Pride and ambition; or jump from 3,000 meters high and experience the thrills of tandem skydiving … You can also take a Breitling MD900 Explorer helicopter to swim in the clouds, enjoy the charming British natural scenery, and enjoy rare freedom and tranquility.
     Breitling MX2 aircraft and Bentley Continental GTC sports car ‘Heaven and earth racing’ ‘Heaven and Earth’: Nigel Lamb, the legendary pilot of the Breitling MX2 aircraft, and Derek Bell, the legendary racer of the Bentley Continental GTC sports car
     Jumping in from the altitude of 3,000 meters, the free fall of up to 200 kilometers per hour is a game for the brave. Sit into the cockpit of the Breitling Bücker Bü-131 aircraft, wear goggles, and feel the freedom of flying in the wind. Take the Breitling MD900 Explorer. Helicopter, relax, swim in the clouds, overlooking oil painting-like early summer beauty of England

    Breitling and Bentley gallop

     As one of Breitling’s loyal partners, Bentley Motors was born in England to help Breitling flying events. The Continental GT sports car, the owner of the speed record on the ice, the Continental GTC supercar, the Speed ​​8 car, and the classic car … Several Bentley luxury cars are available for VIP test drives on site, leading them to enjoy the ‘alternative’ flight on the ground. In addition, the legendary driver Derek Bell, the five-time winner of the Le Mans 24-hour endurance race, came to the scene to guide driving skills and exchange passion and fun. After the exciting flight event, VIPs were also invited to visit the Bentley Crewe factory, and experience the Bentley brand spirit of excellence in craftsmanship and innovation tirelessly, as well as two ‘B’ brand brands that are also flying Close cooperation for more than ten years.