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    At This Moment, Hold Another ‘i’ Tissot Watch To Connect The Most Sincere And Delicate Feelings Of The Girl’s Heart With A Wrist Tie

    Girlfriends may not always get along with each other, but they are another ‘I’ that is irreplaceable in the heart from beginning to end. They are the most insidious objects. They are warm and intimate existence when they are frustrated. Time has become a unit of measurement for this precious friendship. The famous Swiss watchmaker Tissot watch is like a witness of time. It accurately records every wonderful moment in friendship. Hereby, we sincerely present the classic and legendary Durul series and the soft and bright wave series. , As well as the perseverance of the Baohuan series and the ultimate retro Yiting series, wearing a watch to read your heart with your girlfriends, caring about each other, and writing your love into a beautiful story that will never end.

    Figure 1: Tissot watch expresses love poems to girlfriends with wrist-like feelings

       Girls’ minds are always inevitably poetic, sensitive and subtle, sometimes meticulous and sometimes tender. In the company of girlfriends, sharing all emotions, whether happiness or grievance, becomes irreplaceable memories. Thus, in the record of time, you can look back on the memories dedicated to your girlfriends, and appreciate the youthful beauty you have carved together. The Tissot Waves and Durul series are specially designed for girlfriends, and will tie golden and red timepieces symbolizing the surging and happy timepieces to the wrist to commemorate the glorious and wonderful memory chapter.
       The Wave Series watch’s rose gold color is elegant and moving. It is quite delicate. The gentle lines and hollow hands remind people of the past floating in the air. The wanton opening and closing lines and the dial’s aventurine sparkle effect are moving. The room is smooth and full of charm. What is most noticeable is the teardrop-shaped scale at 12 o’clock, which shows happiness everywhere and spreads the thoughts of girlfriends to each other. The Durul series uses a passionate red leather strap to set off the dial, like every challenge, breakthrough and adventure with girlfriends. The watch is equipped with mechanical power 80 movement with long-lasting kinetic energy, which keeps warming up for friendship. The studded patterns in Paris and the delicately carved lines on the strap make the texture more than warm. This precious companionship is firmly held. Lock it up.

    Figure 2/3: Tissot Ocean Wave / Duluer Series Watch

       The Tissot Yiting and Baohuan series transferred their heart complaint to the wrist, as a promise to be prepared to care for their girlfriends. The Yi Ting series watch combines exquisite vintage into a body. As a reprinted watch, it perfectly restores the feminine style of the 1960s. The pillow-shaped case is embedded in the wrist and set with natural Weselton diamond scales. The light makes the watch like a bracelet, showing the careful thoughts of close friends everywhere. The Baohuan series watch introduces a silicon hairspring with excellent anti-magnetism and extremely stable performance. It is equipped with a mechanical power 80 movement with a power reserve of up to 80 hours, like a trace of firm friendship that is always with us. The combination of the mother-of-pearl dial and the Paris studs on the bezel adds a gentle and intelligent light to the watch, which is the most dedicated and considerate care of girlfriends.

    Figure 4/5: Tissot Itiner Collection / Baohuan Series Women’s Watch

       Girlfriends are the other half of each other’s soul, embracing each other’s careful thinking, ending the loneliness deep inside. The Tissot watch blooms the true meaning of friendship between your wrists and hands. Just like the brand’s long history of 165 years, don’t forget the original intention and keep heating up. From the age of cardamom to the fullness of frost, the continuous advancement of time makes the friendship even more dazzling and bright, and what remains in the heart is still the best wishes and attention.

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    Li Bingbing 2013 Bamboo Series Watch

    At the 40th anniversary of Gucci watches, Li Bingbing’s 2013 Bamboo Series watches were launched. Each product is individually designed. The classic heritage of Gucci’s signature bamboo design is even more glorious! UcciGucci launched Li Bingbing’s 2013 Bamboo Series watches. Wearers can change the appearance of the watch according to their style. Designed by Gucci creative director Frida Giannini, the collection perfectly showcases Giannini’s ability to reinterpret classic Gucci-style luxury with a confident, modern perspective. The Gucci brand has always believed that it is very important to be responsible for people, the environment and society. A round design with a dazzling lightweight bamboo bezel. Its most attractive feature is its attractive round surface and beautiful replaceable set, including bezel, strap and bracelet, available in a variety of colors and materials, each bezel is made of Made of materials that match the watch. Bracelet made of stainless steel and bamboo with Gucci’s signature horsebit buckle. The dial adopts ivory color, which embodies the cream-like color scheme of the entire watch; the pattern design continues the simple style, and it is only embellished with a few Roman time marks. The palm kernels, which are a sustainable material, are called ‘plant ivory’. The use of renewable materials demonstrates Gucci’s desire to use sustainable materials, especially the use of palm nuts to completely replace the need for ivory raw materials from animals such as elephants, whales or walruses.

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    Brambler’s Focus On Round Watches 275 Years

    Swiss Blancpain, the oldest watch brand in the world, always produces only circular mechanical watches and has created the world’s most complicated watch ‘1735’. On December 10, Blancpain unveiled the ‘Crossing the Peak-Leading the Future’ 275th Anniversary Watch Exhibition in Beijing, showing the change of Blancpain’s four centuries.

    Always produce only round mechanical watches
    The exhibition is ingeniously divided into six scenes, highlighting the epitome of Blancpain’s watchmaking industry: always producing only circular mechanical watches; creating the world’s most complex watch & ldquo; 1735 & rdquo ;; leading the trend of professional diving watches; The fine gold carving process shows the beauty of extreme art; the original Carrousel movement; the top movement factory provides a strong driving force for the future development of Blancpain.
    & ldquo; The Circle of Classics & rdquo; In the exhibition area, from Ladybird ladies ladies watches introduced in 1956, to Villeret models covering comprehensive complex functions, to the new L-evolution & hellip; & hellip; interpretation of all Blancpain watches The brand’s consistent simple aesthetics. Entering the ‘Peak 1735’ exhibition area, I saw Blancpain 1735. Once this milestone watch appeared, it broke the record of the world’s most complicated watch, combining six mechanical functions recognized by the industry so far: three questions, tourbillon, Perpetual calendar, moon phase profit and loss, dual chase chronograph, and ultra-thin functions. So far, only two Blancpain watchmakers in the world can complete the production of 1735.

    275 years of focus on round watches
    In addition, the custom-made gold engraved watch is Blancpain’s specialty. The gold sculpture master from Switzerland made a live demonstration of the birth of the gold sculpture watch on the spot, and carved a vivid totem on a coin-sized precious metal plate. In the customized models, the master engraved according to the pattern selected by the customer. The finished watch is a precious collection with only one in the world.
    On the same day, Wang Shi, chairman of the board of directors of Vanke, came to the site and was given a 50-port X-ray-proof professional diving watch. For more than half a century, Blancpain’s 50-port search series has been occupying an extremely important position in the field of sports and diving. As early as the 1950s, the standard of modern sports diving watches has been defined. , Dive depth, readability and legibility in the dark, with a unique sapphire outer ring covered with six layers of super non-radiation fluorescent coating, three barrels, 6-day long power reserve, and antimagnetic Soft iron. The leader of this sports diving watch is also a special diving watch for special forces of France, Germany and Israel.