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    Classic Example Of Tasting Longines Concas Diamond Watch

    Since ancient times, beauties have loved jewellery. Although Zhu Cui is cold and sharp, their elegant temperament combined with the craftsmanship of craftsmen has made it difficult for all women to give up. With the development of the times, women have more autonomy, of course, it is not a problem to control time. Then the time measurement tool has become a necessity of life, which is why jewelry and watches will find the perfect fit. An eye-catching diamond watch from the official Longines Concas series brought to you today, the official model: L3.

     The Longines Concas collection is the essence of Longines’ sporty elegance. It perfectly reflects the unparalleled fusion of powerful functions and elegant temperament. Its outstanding technical characteristics can even meet the requirements of the most discerning athletes. Whether at the most fashionable night party or on the noble horse racing stands, this solemn yet exquisite watch will definitely give off a striking style.

     This women’s diamond-set watch uses a 31 mm stainless steel bezel with a bezel-like setting of 120 top Wesselton VVS diamonds weighing 0.480 carats. Judging from the intuitive feeling, the mosaic area is still very large, so the diamond will shine dazzlingly under the light, and the ladies will be very eye-catching.

     On closer inspection, the bezel is inlaid with two rings of diamonds, and a design similar to the Paris nail pattern is used in the space where no diamond is set. This will make the bezel denser and fuller, and it will no longer be too abrupt.

     The watch has a black lacquered dial, and the time markers are made of 11 top Wesselton VVS diamonds with a total weight of 0.044 carats. At the same time, the pointer is made of silver-plated polished material. At each moment, the diamond shines like a star in the night sky. The color of the pointer forms a good sense of unity with the whole.

     At three o’clock, the watch has a date display window. The pure white background and the black Arabic numerals display a strong visual contrast, which also enhances the watch’s practical performance.

     If the most characteristic symbol of the Longines Concas series is definitely the crown, the screw-in design improves its waterproof performance. At the same time, the high shoulders on both sides of the crown do have a Rolex feel, ladies’ wrists. Although such a design in the table is not common, the delicate and decent interpretation of this watch is just right.

     A stainless steel bracelet of the same material with a tri-fold safety buckle and a push-opening device is a very common Longines buckle. This design will make the wearer’s watch fit the wrist more comfortably.

     With the sapphire crystal back design L595, every step of the automatic mechanical movement cannot escape our glasses. The movement vibrates 28,800 times per hour and provides a 40-hour power reserve. The powerful source of power determines the accuracy of the watch itself.

    Summary: The price of this women’s watch is RMB 2,7000. For this price of women’s watch, like Mido and Baume & Mercier watch will also become the buyer’s choice. If this watch wants to stand out from so many competing products, it must be that it often captures the attractiveness of its appearance to female friends, and pays for it.

    More watch details:
    longines / 24537 /

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    Introduction To Patek Philippe Ref. 7140 Perpetual Calendar Watch

    The new Ref. 7140 Ladies First perpetual calendar watch is an ultra-thin self-winding mechanical watch. The calendar device can automatically calculate the number of days in each month and accurately display February 29 of the leap year. Classic and elegant design, flawless precious top Wesselton diamonds (bezel set with 68 stones, total weight is about 0.68 carats, buckle set with 27 diamonds, total weight is about 0.2 carats), and the long-term value of Patek Philippe complication watches, Makes this glamorous treasure worn on women’s wrists a valuable asset; no matter how the years change, it will always retain its modern charm. A round case with a diameter of 35.1 mm and a thickness of 8.8 mm, with its classic shape and proportions, it will always be at the forefront of fashion. Combining these advantages with an extremely sophisticated and self-winding mechanical movement composed of 275 parts, the Patek Philippe Ref. 7140 Ladies First perpetual calendar watch has become the watch of modern women’s dream, because they not only pay attention to elegant appearance, but also value intrinsic value.

    There is nothing more feminine than a perpetual calendar watch. This super-complicated watch can be regarded as an incarnation of immortality in terms of its function, permanent value, reliability of generations, classic and elegant design, or diamonds that last forever. Patek Philippe’s design team and super-complex watch studio have worked tirelessly to give this sophisticated timepiece an irresistible and beautiful scent.

    Exquisite treasure, timeless work
    Eternal beauty, elegance and gorgeousness, bloom on the new Ref. 7140 Ladies First perpetual calendar watch. Every detail of this watch highlights the elegance and exquisite charm, classic 18K rose gold Calatrava round case and elegant curved lugs, shiny milky dial, interchangeable mink gray and blue-purple Alligator leather straps, moving bezels and pointed buckles set with precious diamonds all make it a perfect companion for women. The case size also fits the delicate wrist. The design with a diameter of 35.10 mm and a thickness of 8.8 mm is light and elegant. Despite its small size, it still covers eight display functions, including hours, minutes, date, day of the week, month, leap year cycle, 24-hour auxiliary dial and moon phase display. The layout is fair and easy to read. This is not only thanks to the delicate contrast between the milky white dial and the hands, the Breguet three-dimensional block and the 18-karat rose gold pearl minute and minute scale. The elegant and delicate but clear and easy-to-read calendar display cannot be ignored. The bezel of this perpetual calendar watch is set with a total of 68 flawless top Wesselton diamonds, weighing a total of about 0.68 carats, like a rare treasure that shines brightly. These dazzling jewelry not only add endless charm to this precious watch, but also perfectly explain its intrinsic value. The watch is paired with a gold case back and an interchangeable sapphire crystal caseback, and the wearer can enjoy the extraordinary design of the mechanical movement and the lush bamboo bud decoration process at a glance.

    Elegance comes from the movement
    Ref. 7140 uses a movement that is an essential element of this elegant and charming ultra-thin perpetual calendar watch. This legendary Caliber 240 Q movement is assembled by Patek Philippe’s complication watch studio. Although the movement is self-winding and consists of 275 individual parts, its thickness is only 3.88 mm. All this is thanks to the delicate configuration of the 22K gold eccentric mini-rotor, perpetual calendar and moon phase device. The perpetual calendar device has a mechanical memory capacity of 1461 days (four years), and can automatically and accurately display the date, regardless of the big and small months, and February 29 of the leap year. As long as you wear it normally or wind it regularly after you remove it, you don’t need to manually adjust the calendar before 2100: according to the Gregorian calendar, 2100 is exactly a hundred years without a leap month. When we buy the Ref. 7140 Ladies First perpetual calendar watch, it seems as if we can see it will run forever on the wrists of our generations and grandchildren, which is really exciting.

    超 This timeless watch is paired with a hand-stitched crocodile leather strap and 18K rose gold pin buckle set with 27 flawless top Wesselton diamonds for a total weight of about 0.20 carats.

    As a new masterpiece with extraordinary charm, the Ref. 7140 Ladies First perpetual calendar watch adds to this perhaps the world’s most comprehensive series of mass-produced complication women’s watches. Other women’s complication watches include the dual time zone ‘Travel Time’ series, the 24-hour time zone ‘World Time’ series, the famous ‘Annual Calendar’ series, and the minute repeater series, the two-second chronograph series and the classic star column chronograph series And other super-complex watches; today, the first women’s perpetual calendar watch is finally born.

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    Rebellious Hublot Skull Bang Limited Table

    Laurent Picciotto & Skull Bang
    With a humorous and playful black atmosphere, this rebellious watch seems to remind us not to put too much pressure on ourselves. This amazing watch, any rock star wearing it will not look out of place, whether on stage or anywhere in the city.
    Hublot (Hublot) This eye-catching high-end watch perfectly combines two seemingly impossible elements, on the one hand, an elegant rebellious spirit, and on the other, remind us of the fragility of life and For a short time, we must grasp the depth of each moment …
    The entire Skull Bang watch is extremely black. The simple skull pattern on the all-black ceramic dial shows the source of inspiration for the watch. It is full of a cold atmosphere and also makes the watch a high collection. Value, this watch is limited to 100 pieces and numbered worldwide. Hublot designed this watch to commemorate the long-term cooperation between the well-known watch collector Laurent Picciotto, who has a close relationship with the Hublot brand.
    Hublot’s new Skull Bang limited edition watch
    Hublot’s new Skull Bang limited edition watch
    Well-known watch collector Laurent Picciotto
    Laurent Picciotto is a legendary leader in the watch industry. It was in 2007 that he opened Hublot’s first physical boutique in the world at 271 Rue Saint Honoré in Paris. The new Skull Bang watch will be Available at this store.

    Laurent Picciotto & Skull Bang