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    If You Want To Make Money For A Woman, You Have To Spend So Much Energy!

    But 10 years ago, female consumers went to watch shops and wanted to buy a watch for themselves. There were really few options. At that time, the female watch was more like a male watch’s vassal. The size was reduced by one circle, set with some diamond jewelry, and replaced with a colored strap. It should be a female watch. Of course, some jewellery or fashion brands will launch women’s watches, but they are often equipped with quartz movements. Maybe the men’s watch market is gradually saturated, maybe more and more women are economically independent and their strength cannot be underestimated. In recent years, many brands have gradually pointed their finger at the female market with huge consumption potential, and have launched women-only series, Developed an exclusive mechanical movement, which made women more abundant in the choice of mechanical watches, and independent of the men’s watch series, the court resisted. Of course, no matter how obsessed with mechanical movement women, the first factor to consider when choosing a mechanical watch is ‘beauty’. In appearance, let yourself be tempted at first glance, and then put it down. Therefore, when designing women’s watches, brands naturally need to spend more ingenuity and use unique styles to attract women to pay. Now let’s admire a few special mechanical female watches, and see if you can’t resist these beautiful time appearances? The queen’s golden goose egg Breguet has a female watch series called ‘Reine de Naples’. Who is the Queen of Naples? She was the sister of the famous French emperor Napoleon, and her husband was the ruler of the Kingdom of Naples from 1808 to 1815. It was also during that period that she collected about 34 Breguet timepieces and became Breguet’s super VIP. Breguet was commissioned by the queen in 1810, received a reward in 1811, and delivered a revolutionary timepiece in 1812-an ultra-thin goose egg-shaped case with a minute repeater function and a thermometer, And a gold-woven strap was worn on the wrist, which also contributed to the birth of the first ‘watch’ in history. How this watch looks like is no longer available, but in the Breguet Museum located in Paris’s Fontaine Place, precious archives of this history are still kept. 190 years later, in 2002, Breguet used this history as a prototype to launch the Queen of Naples series specially made for women. The goose-shaped case became the biggest feature. The hours and minutes hands are eccentric, the crown is set at 4 o’clock, and the lugs attached to the strap below the case are also very distinctive. Functionally, in addition to the simplest hour and minute display, complex models such as moon phases, spring resonating, day and night display, and power reserve display have also been developed. Coupled with different sizes, materials, carved decoration, gem inlaid, strap bracelet … a very rich choice. This year’s Basel Watch Fair had media interviews with Breguet executives. The brand stated that Breguet’s women’s watches accounted for 40% of total sales in 2017, and the best-selling of them was the Queen of Naples. For this reason, the Queen of Naples can be described as a real ‘goose with golden eggs’ by Breguet. Chopard’s active diamonds are very distinctive. Many women know Chopard from the diamonds that are constantly flying and spinning. This has a history. In 1976, Chopard’s then designer Ronald Kurowski was fascinated by a waterfall walking in the Black Forest. The splashing water droplets reflected the sun and sparkled with colorful rainbows, which inspired his wonder Think: For the diamond to shine endlessly, it must be free from the shackles of the setting and move freely. The concept of Happy Diamonds was born from this. However, the first Happy Diamonds launched 42 years ago was a men’s watch, with a large pillow-shaped case, and black diamonds on the dial. This watch also won the Baden-Baden Golden Rose Award that year. By 1993, Chopard’s co-president and artistic director Caroline Scheufele made a novel combination of two seemingly different materials, stainless steel and diamond, and launched the Happy Sport sports watch for women. The modern design was daring and uninhibited at that time, and soon became the brand’s best-selling style. But in the past, this series was equipped with quartz movements. In 2013, 20 years later, in order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Happy Sport series, it was first equipped with a mechanical movement. The Happy Sport series with mechanical movement is available in 30mm and 36mm sizes. In addition to the basic three-pin, there are also high-end jewelry, tourbillon, professional diving and other styles. This year, Chopard celebrates the 25th anniversary of the collection with many new models. Looking at the revolving diamonds that are rejoicing and exhilarating on the disk is indeed very happy. Shall we dance? I once interviewed Victoire de Castellane, the artistic director of Dior’s high jewelry department. I asked her a question. What is the DNA of Dior’s watch? Her answer impressed me: ‘The ultimate feminine charm!’ When I see Dior’s Grand Bal dress ball watch, it feels so. In 2011, Dior launched the brand’s fifth watch series Dior Ⅷ, the series named 8, because 8 is the lucky number of the founder Mr. Dior. On October 8, 1946, Dior’s Haute Couture Workshop was established. Since 1947, Dior’s fashion headquarters has been located on Montaigne Avenue in the 8th district of Paris. 8), even Dior’s flagship store of fine jewelry and watches is also located at 8 Fangdeng Plaza. His Majesty Dior has many sub-series, the most dazzling of which is Grand Bal, which features a mechanical movement flip, and the self-winding oscillating weight placed on the back of the watch is presented on the dial, shaking with the wrist The pendulum is constantly rotating, just like the elegant lady wearing a high-end custom dress in the ball is spinning and dancing, attracting all the admirers’ greedy eyes. And in order for this skirt to show its gorgeous beauty to the greatest extent, this oscillating weight is decorated with various techniques, or inlaid with bright diamonds, or with bright feathers and butterflies. Wing stitching, or cut out like tulle lace, or carved with mother-of-pearl. Sometimes it is created into a deep and mysterious starry sky, sometimes it is a sparkling wave, sometimes it is a garden with flowers, sometimes it is pure geometric shapes … This series that pays tribute to haute couture makes us really understand what is called ‘ ‘Closure feathers.’ Reunion is beautiful and full of bloom. It is also Jaquet Droz that has a deep affection for the Arabic numeral 8. Since the birth of the Grande Second Series, the 8-character dial composed of two rings has become a brand logo, and it is updated every year , Release many innovative new products. This year, 2018 coincides with the 280th anniversary of Jacques Dro, and the products about 8 are naturally diverse and exquisite. However, the previous 8 is mostly used for men’s watches. Until the launch of the Lady 8 series in 2013, the 8 was first applied to women’s watches. However, this time the image of 8 does not appear on the dial, but it is very ingenious to show two round bezels of different sizes, with beautiful and elegant lines. The lower bezel is a time-division dial, and the upper bezel echoes the material of the lower dial. It is a rotatable ball, which coincides with the infinity and symbolism of the 8 symbol, making the flow of time seem more gentle. In addition to its unique shape, as a high-end jewelry watch series, the use of disc material is also unique, including aventurite, sunstone, black zircon, mother-of-pearl, pavé diamonds, etc. The earliest launch of the elegant 8 series watch used a 35 mm diameter case, and the mechanical movement provided sincerely provided a 68-hour power reserve, which is a relatively long power in the female watch. However, this year’s Basel Watch Fair introduced a small size Lady 8 Petite watch with a diameter of 25 mm, which also carries a mechanical movement, but because of its small size, there is one less barrel and only 38 hours of power reserve. It is worth mentioning that this series also has a watch with an automatic mechanism. The ball on the top becomes a lotus that can be automatically turned on and off. When the position button at 2 is pressed, the lotus will slowly bloom, exposing diamond Flower heart, and then gradually closed again after a few seconds. With such a watch, which lady’s heart will not bloom with it? The delicate and delicate hand is telling a story. The story in Athens is a bit sad. In the beginning of the century, in 2002, Ms. Cai Aihua Schneider asked Rolf W. Schnyder, then the husband of the president and chief executive of Athens, to create a special watch for herself-during operation, Doesn’t hurt the beautiful nails that have been applied with Cardan. In 2013, this watch was finally released, but her husband died in April 2011, and the board of directors announced that Ms. Cai Aihua took over as the brand’s chairman. When adjusting the time and date of an ordinary wristwatch, the crown is often pulled out, and this action often scratches and breaks the beautiful nails that women have trimmed. This watch fully takes into consideration the female consumer’s annoyance. There is a button at the 4 o’clock position of the case. After pressing it, the pointer at the 3 o’clock position will point to the symbol representing the winding, adjusting the date, and setting the time. Each operation afterwards is as simple as turning the crown forward or backward, without pulling the crown out. The watch series is called Jade and its Chinese translation is ‘Jade Linglong’. The shape of the case is slightly narrow from top to bottom, wide from left to right, and oval. The most interesting is the 4 pointed lugs, which are like cat’s ears, very cute. The brand also set the watch with diamonds, emeralds, emeralds and other precious stones, revealing a smart oriental charm. However, since last year, this series of watches have been modified, eliminating the cat ears, simplifying the shell shape into an oval shape, and incorporating it into the Classico , gold series. The dial also adds a diamond-shaped round curve. At this year’s Geneva watch fair, five new watches were replaced with three-hand movements, and even the patented design without pulling out the crown was cancelled and renamed the ‘Classic Jade Delicate Series’. With the full acquisition of the Athens watch by Kering in July 2014, and the replacement of the Jade Linglong series, this love story about the Schneiders can only be suspended and remembered in time. . So gentle and powerful Omega launched the new Ladymatic series of women’s watches in October 2010, recreating the brand’s legendary model born in 1955-the series name Lady + Matic (Ladies + Automatic) The first self-winding watch designed for women, equipped with the smallest self-winding mechanical movement in the brand’s history. The new watch has a 34 mm diameter case, which is perfect for women’s slender wrists. The case is made of red gold, gold or stainless steel, the bezel is polished or set with diamonds, the dial is made of mother-of-pearl or black, blue, brown, and white lacquer. It is equipped with a bracelet or various alligator straps. . There is also a finishing touch on the design. Turn the watch sideways, and you will find that the side of the case is hollow. Through the hollow case, you can see that the interior is decorated with ceramic rings that echo the color of the dial. The mother-of-pearl dial exudes a lustrous luster. If it is a lacquered dial, it has the sun rays radiating from the center to the surroundings, plus 11 diamond hour markers, showing the ‘goddess’ temperament. It is worth mentioning that the 8520/8521 coaxial movement equipped with the watch is equipped with a coaxial escapement system born in 1999 and a silicon balance spring. Innovative structure and material use make the watch to greatly reduce the wear and tear of parts during operation, and to resist the impact of external vibration and magnetic field environment. As a result, Ladymatic Women’s Watches have been certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC), ensuring accurate travel time. Finally, the waterproof depth reached 100 meters. The appearance is soft and delicate, and the inner core is strong and sturdy. This is really a gentle and powerful watch. Modern women are like that!