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    Tag Heuer’s New Cross-border Work: Mp4-12c Racing Fan Exclusive Watch

    TAG Heuer and McLaren Motors join hands again to create perfect performance and extreme quality, commemorating the glorious cooperation of 26 years. The TAG Heuer Carrera MP4-12C chronograph is uniquely designed to complement and complement the MP412C racing car. The MP412C is the world’s first high-performance car produced by McLaren and will be launched in 2011. TAG Heuer CARRERA MP4-12C chronograph: inspired by McLaren MP4-12C
    The TAG Heuer CARRERA MP4-12C chronograph is limited to 100 pieces in the McLaren showroom. This watch showcases the modern style of Carrera’s legendary style to commemorate the 26-year relationship between TAG Heuer and McLaren.
    TAG Heuer is the first brand to develop a sports car chronograph, and it is the first to achieve electronic accurate timing of 1 / 10,000th of a second and mechanical accurate timing of 1 / 100th of a second. TAG Heuer’s relentless pursuit of time control has achieved its traditional reputation of being brave in innovation for 150 years, and its quality and style have been constantly updated and complemented by each other.
    McLaren MP4-12C Racing
    The TAG Heuer Carrera MP4-12C chronograph is limited to 1000 pieces in the McLaren showroom and is exclusively for MP4-12C fans. The elegant and smooth lines of this watch fully demonstrate the infinite creativity of the new car in terms of color, material and design, and will present three technical features for the first time.
    The design of the carbon fiber dial is directly inspired by the carbon fiber monolithic chassis structure and fiber separator used by the MP4-12C-two common parts of racing cars. The front of the watch is made of high-tech carbon fiber, which is unique in style; the lower part is contrasted with sapphire crystal glass insets, which can be used to set off the movement or ‘engine’. The perforated leather strap is lined with sheepskin, and the MP4-12C racing seat is also lined with the same material. In addition, this chronograph has a sandblasted secondary titanium case that is lightweight and durable, and decorated with the McLaren logo on the crown.
    McLaren MP4-12C Racing
    For the first time, TAG Heuer uses an advanced automatic transmission movement with a semi-perpetual calendar function. It only needs to be adjusted slightly in February every year; important date reminders and month indications can be set. It is worth mentioning that, as a special technology, pilots and professional riders can also use the flyback function. With the push of a button, the chronograph can be reset to zero and immediately restarted.
    McLaren MP4-12C Racing
    Carrera chronograph is named after Carrera Panamericana Mexico Road Race. It has been praised since its introduction in 1964. It adopts TAG Heuer classic style and has been the leading chronograph in the history of racing.
    TAG Heuer and McLaren have jointly created the longest-lasting team sponsorship agreement in F1 history. The TAG Heuer Carrera MP4-12C chronograph is to commemorate the two parties working together, lasting innovation and the pursuit of excellence.