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    Born To Dare To Start From 1926

    1926, a time of miracles, a time of art, and a time of fascination …

      In 1926, the faint world was about to change dramatically.
      Someone held the helm of fate tightly.
      After creating the first waterproof watch,
      Hans Wilsdorf founded Tudor in 1926.
      Since then, it has strictly followed the brand concept that has been adhered to since its inception:
      Affordable prices, exquisite craftsmanship and excellent quality.

      The 1926 case is made of stainless steel.
      Water-resistant to 100 meters, all four sizes are available with a rose gold outer ring.
      Not only highlight the dial details, but also highlight the stainless steel winding crown, which reflects each other.
      Unisex, for those who love beautiful objects.

      The straps of the 1926 series combine comfort, fit, elegance and quality.
      There are 7 rows of differently sized links that fit snugly around the wrist.
      The outer chain links are sanded, and the middle links are sanded.
      Various craftsmanship add elegance to the watch
      More flexible and sturdy.

      The 1926 series embodies Tudor’s attention to detail.
      The center of the surface is decorated with delicate relief patterns,
      Available in silver, white and black,
      Reminiscent of the gorgeous origins of the Tudor.

      Naturally Dare 1926,
      From then on, Tudor Legend.