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    Urban Style Tasting Hamilton Broadway Weekly Calendar Automatic Watch

    In the 1890s, Hamilton launched the first pocket watch series named ‘Broadway Limited’ (Broadway Limited Edition). At the 44th Basel International Horological and Jewellery Show 2016, Hamilton took inspiration from New York’s urban scene and launched the new Broadway weekly calendar automatic watch, the official model: H43515735.
    Watch real shot show:

     Watch details real shot display:

       The case is made of stainless steel with a diameter of 42 mm. The polished and satin matte surfaces are intertwined with light and shadow.

       Equipped with dark gray inner ring and anti-glare coated sapphire mirror, waterproof to 50 meters.

       Featuring polished and satin-finished Hamilton’s signature double faceted lugs, the diamond-polished bezel and dial and hands present a charming light and shadow effect.

       The black dial has a multi-layered structure with vertical lines and hour markers. A broad line in the center of the surface makes the rich urban flavor arouse, reminiscent of the legendary New York Avenue shuttle between skyscrapers.

       At 6 o’clock, there is a modern calendar display window, and the day and date display is clear and easy to read.

       Equipped with H-30 automatic mechanical movement, it can provide 80 hours power reserve.

       Has a black leather strap with central stripes and contrast stitching.

       Broadway watches cater to the needs of dynamic young urban people, while possessing extraordinary qualities of superior technology and aesthetic standards.
       The above is the information related to the 2016 Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show prepared by the staff in front of the Watch House. We will continue to provide more and more intuitive exhibition reports for everyone in the future. Everyone pays attention. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)
    2016 Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show Special Report

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    Raymond Weil Watch And Jiang Wen Explore The Source Of Inspiration

    (Beijing, June 26, 2012) Feel the glory of time with music and pay tribute to the master with classics. The well-known Swiss watch brand Raymond Weil with its unique personality and charm chose the location of Beijing Reignwood Opera House today to perform the strongest sound of the year with a magnificent ‘Master Symphony’ special concert. Mr. Jiang Wen, the brand ambassador of Raymondville Greater China and a master of the international film industry, came to the scene to join hands with the brand, using his past movies and music, to present to the audience one after another those magnificent video years, telling him wonderfully from a distance And rich movie life. When the master of film meets the master of watchmaking, the sparks of art flow along with the melody, the Raymond Weil 2012 classic master series watch is grandly launched. At the same time, a micro-movie contest ‘Raymond Weil by You’ that started looking for future masters and embodies the core concept of ‘customer-oriented’ of the brand was also launched.
    Precision is the source of inspiration
        Music has always been at the core of Raymond Weil’s world: the models and models launched by the brand since its inception are all named after classical music and opera: for example, ‘Pasifi’ by Wagner, ‘Champagne’ by Verdi, Mozart ‘Don Giovanni’, etc., has established a deep relationship between Raymond Weil and art. For a long time, Raymond Wey has maintained close ties with the music industry: whether it is the enthusiasm for long-term participation in global music events, or the discovery and sponsorship of young musicians, the exchanges and interactions between the two seem to be ups and downs. Double voice, convolving ear.
        In order to let the contained musical energy be fully released and play a harmonious movement, every chord created by the composer, every ups and downs by the conductor, and every note performed by the musicians rely on the infinite reverie inspired by precision. As Raymond Weil believes in ‘precision is the source of inspiration’-designers turn inspiration into lines and outline harmonious outlines for watches, expecting watchmakers to translate these ideas into reality; watchmakers rely on precision , Meticulously stitching every part, marvel at the infinite creativity of the designer. It is the exploration of precision that motivates Raymond Weil to create and continue to surpass itself, presenting the magnificent movement of watchmaking.
        And for this, Mr. Jiang Wen, who is also a director, an actor, and a screenwriter, also has personal experience: ‘Precision is also true for film production. Usually, the films on the big screen need to be accurate to 1/24 when they are produced. Every second, every expression of the actor, every detail of the scene, every frame of the scene, and every dialogue, this is the same. There is no exception. ‘
    Classic Master Series Plays 2012 New Movement
        Raymond Weil defines this special concert as a ‘Master Symphony’, which is meant to pay tribute to the masters in the fields of music, art and watchmaking-to pay tribute to the classic movements that have touched us, to the contemporary with mastery and talent An tribute to the artist and a tribute to the watchmakers of Raymond Weil from generation to generation! From the Chinese Film Broadcasting Orchestra to the classic movements that have touched us, to the scene of the restoration of the Japanese temple-level musician Hisaishi Joe’s same name for the film of Mr. Jiang Wen The original sound of ‘The Sun Rises Still’; from the talented director Jiang Wen telling the story behind the movie in person, to the brand of Le Mangwei to share the watchmaking concepts and outstanding craftsmanship from generation to generation, every moment turns into a timeless picture, inspiring the masters endlessly Dreams and memories.
        With the baton waving in the hands of the orchestra conductor on the stage, individual notes gathered into a grand movement, Raymond Weil also slowly played its annual song-with the new classic master Quantième à Aiguille, Raymond Weil A different way of interpreting the understanding of classic timepieces, adding new members to the brand’s iconic collection.
        In fact, since its launch in 2010, Raymond Weil’s classic master series has evolved from the first five large and small three-hand watches into today’s evergreen series with rich functions, multiple materials and both male and female markets. The tribute and exploration of the watchmaking concept has evoked the public’s memories of Raymond Weil’s advocacy of classic watchmaking aesthetics. Mr. Elie Bernheim, Global Vice President of Raymond Weil said, ‘Like the extraordinary temperament represented by the Raymond Weil Classic Masterpieces-classic, timeless and independent, Raymond Weil has always insisted on continuing the three generations of watchmaking tradition while keeping pace with the times To integrate its own innovative spirit, and strive to create a classic that spans time while achieving breakthroughs.
    ‘Classic · Master’ in your eyes
        In 2010, a ‘Let the Bullets Fly’ set a new box office record for domestically produced films, and won unanimous favor and praise in the industry. This year, the new film ‘One Step Away’ made its debut in Cannes and won widespread attention.
        As a film master, Mr. Jiang Wen is also one of the best interpreters of Raymond Weil’s brand philosophy. At the scene, he also expressed his interpretation of the ‘master’: ‘Elie once told me in a chat that in Italian the’ master ‘refers to those who have extremely high achievements. Whether it is watchmaking or film shooting, if you want to Achievement is extremely high, the insistence on quality and the pursuit of precision are indispensable. I appreciate Raymond Weil’s uncompromising attitude to the quality of timepieces and the tireless pursuit of art, which is a true master of watchmaking. ‘
        Grasp the accuracy of time and achieve the inspiration of the picture. At the end of the ‘Master Symphony’ special concert scene, Raymond Weil by You 2012 also announced the immediate launch of the Raymond Weil by You. Since 2011, Raymond Weil has reaffirmed the brand’s importance to loyal users through this activity, and has also included ‘putting customers as the brand’s precious wealth’ into its core philosophy. This year, the brand will use this nationwide micro-film creation competition to attract more participants to discuss their own understanding of ‘classic masters’. Mr. Jiang Wen will also participate in this competition as an art director Come.
        Master model, total book legend. The powerful voice of Raymond Weil will definitely create another peak like Mr. Jiang Wen’s film journey!