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    The Giant Goes ‘table’

    Giants ‘list’
    Research firm Canalys recently released its own forecast. By the end of 2014, the sales of smart watches will reach 5 million due to the joining of Apple, Samsung, Google and other technology companies.
    There have been rumors that Apple will release its own smart watch. In June of this year, Apple registered the iWatch trademark in Japan, making these rumors even more eloquent. The New York Times also reported that the company is developing a watch, which is equipped with a curved mirror and runs iOS.
    Former Apple employees also made similar speculations. Interactive interface expert Bruce Tognetz said: ‘iWatch’ will make Apple’s entire product camp more complete and complete, and it will not only make Apple’s products more easily connected, more Can promote more new products to be born!
    7In July of this year, it was reported that Apple had dug some technical talents from other ‘small companies’ to form its own ‘iWatch’ team. The Financial Times reports that Apple has been forced to seek outside help because they have encountered unprecedented engineering difficulties on hardware.
    The news just broke out: Google quietly purchased WimmLabs, a smart terminal startup, in 2012, and the company released its own WIMMOne smartphone in 2011. WIMM has always been committed to creating a platform for program developers, not a device. This merger and acquisition news reminds everyone of previous rumors about Google’s smartwatches. For example, the Financial Times reported in March this year that ‘Google is building smartwatches in Android.’ The Wall Street Journal continued to follow up in June this year. Google is developing smartwatches while developing game consoles …
    Microsoft released its first watch in 2004, and its platform SPOT attracted the attention of watch manufacturers such as Fossil, Suunto, and Swatch. But then it was gone, and it was classified as a ‘early release time’ product category with the tablet.
    The Wall Street Journal reported in April this year that: Microsoft’s supplier company is integrating resources from various parties to create a smartwatch prototype with a display of about 1.5 inches. A report in July this year said that the devices had been ‘completely developed by the Surface team, bringing the product closer to the market.’ The only doubt now is that the company’s CEO Steve Ball Man has left, what will be the strategic deployment of his successor? And this will directly affect the smart watch project in the prototype development.
    Other players
    Pebble Technol ogy has sold 85,000 Pebble watches since it raised $ 1.03 million on Kickstarter; Sony has released the second generation of SmartWatch, which has been on sale early this year; and high-end smartwatch maker Hytis Crossbow has sold 300 smartwatches, each priced at around $ 1,200; Intel is also testing its own smartwatch devices in the lab; Casio’s CEO said in an interview with the New York Times in August this year: They’re turning their attention to people’s wrists. We know there are endless opportunities in this area, and we’re ready … ”
    什么 样 What will these smart watches evolve into in the future? Will they become more like smartphone control devices without running their own applications? Will they replace current fitness electronics? The answers to these questions are unknown until 2014, so let’s take a look at the performance of the Galaxy Gear first.

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    Dazzling Starry Night Jaeger-lecoultre Tourbillon Masters Series Starry Watch

    Jacques Supertraditional Tourbillon Master Series Starry Sky Watch (MasterGrandeTraditionTourbillonCéleste) interprets time in a dazzling way. In order to fully display the astronomical characteristics of the watch, the orbital flying tourbillon displays the stellar time instead of the solar time, which is nearly four minutes shorter than the solar time. Therefore, when Sirius as a reference passes through the zenith, it will be displayed at noon time. The orbiting flying tourbillon runs synchronously with the stars and constellations, and performs a stellar dance with the dial.

    The artisans of the Jaeger-LeCoultre watch factory not only face the dual challenges of technology and aesthetics, but also how to present the fascinating astrology that astrologists see when they look up at the sky every night. The starry sky extends in a hemisphere arch above the watch, highlighting the sharp contrast between the dark night sky and the brilliant star.

    In order to solve the problem, the Jaeger-LeCoultre watch factory uses different craftsmanship and exerts various talents. The dial is made of royal blue gold sandstone with a color between indigo and the dark blue of the stormy sky, which is extremely mysterious. The lower part of the dial shows the month, which is decorated with a guilloché pattern and covered with translucent paint, which reproduces the depth of the universe. The time scale marks the rhythm of time flow in turn along the edge of the table. The bezel is also decorated with a guilloché pattern and inlaid with paint, showing a perfect and harmonious visual landscape. The MasterGrandeTraditionTourbillonCéleste superb traditional tourbillon starry sky watch uses a crystal case instead of the bezel, which is directly embedded in the bottom to make the field of vision more open. This dazzling watch brings the mysterious sky above the square inch of your wrist, making it within reach.

    Technical parameters
    Jaeger-LeCoultre 946 manual winding mechanical movement
    334 parts
    28,800 vibrations per hour
    48 hours power reserve
    Single barrel
    35 gems
    Thickness: 10.57 mm
    Functions: hour and minute display, orbital flying tourbillon, astronomical chart, astrolabe, constellation chart, month and 24-hour display
    Case: 18K white gold, diameter 42mm, water-resistant to 50 meters
    Dial: carved on blue background, golden sandstone
    Pointer: Princess-style pointer
    Crown: 18K white gold
    Strap: Alligator leather strap
    Limited edition of 3 pieces
    (Picture / text watch home Xie Xin)