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    Hamilton Hamilton Free Spirit Of American Spirit

    ‘Without liberty, life is a misery’-This statement of freedom with American characteristics is beautifully etched on the belt of a free-spirited automatic mechanical watch . Recalling the late 19th century, Andrew Hamilton, a spokesman for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and one of the founders of Lancaster, Andrew Andrew. Hamilton HAMILTON shouted this famous saying to the world. To commemorate him, the Lancaster watch factory was renamed with his last name, and the Hamilton watch was born. The liberal watch design style and innovative watchmaking concept have continued from the beginning of the brand to the present day.

     HAMILTON Hamilton of Spirit of Liberty Auto

    The Liberty Automaton is a masterpiece of the perfect fusion of Liberty American spirit and sophisticated Swiss craftsmanship. The watch’s case has exquisite and clean lines, with a 42mm large open face design, which has a full texture. The dial is simple in design, equipped with willow-shaped hands and slender drop-shaped scales, decorated with historic railroad tracks, a classic atmosphere; at 12 o’clock, the Hamilton-branded vintage emblem unique to the Liberty Series is printed. A hand-polished vintage leather strap brings together a nostalgic American charm. The watch is equipped with the 2014 new H10 Hamilton self-calibration, which has a power reserve of more than 3 days, allowing the watch to spend the weekend in an idle state. Through the sapphire mirror on the back of the case, the superb grinding process of spiral patterns and pearl patterns can be seen at a glance. The one-piece automatic tortoise is cut out, beautiful and individual. This watch with both design and connotation originates from history and interprets the present. It is an excellent wrist partner for the meticulous urban elite.

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    Introduction To The Breguet Classique Series 5717

    As we all know, the traditional world time watch can be easily switched in 24 time zones around the world, so that the watch can quickly display the local time. However, for those who frequently travel to and from the two places, Breguet’s Classique 5717 Hora Mundi watch at Baselworld 2011 seems to provide a more perfect solution.
     Just press the button once, the watch can switch to display the local time of two preset cities, which is very convenient for operation. More importantly, the watch can also switch the date, day / night, and city indications at the same time as the time is switched. If the user has preset the two cities of Paris and Sydney, and the watch is displayed at 4 o’clock on the 25th of Paris local time, just press the button at 1 o’clock and the watch will display Local time in Sydney, namely at 1am on the 26th. Correspondingly, the date display at the 12 o’clock position of the watch will switch to 26; the sun icon of the day and night display panel will change to the moon icon, and the hour hand will jump from 4 o’clock to 1 o’clock. For mechanical watches, it is really a gorgeous show.

     In addition, the watch’s calendar display is also very interesting. Unlike the instant-jump calendar window sought after by the industry, this 5717 uses a continuously rotating calendar dial, the calendar number will gradually enter the calendar window from the left, and then gradually fade out from the right. In order to avoid the confusion caused by the readings, Breguet equipped them with a pointer hidden under the dial to frame the current date. The pointer will jump from the right side of the calendar window to the left side at the end of the day to frame a new date.

     The new Hora Mundi watch is equipped with a 5717 self-winding mechanical movement, which is based on the Calibre 777 with a silicon escapement so that it can be fitted into additional models. Four patents have been applied to the form during the design process. The first item is a timer consisting of two time zone devices, the second item shows the time zone on demand through the main pointer, and the third item is a programmable and reprogrammable mechanical memory wheel for the timer; the last item is by dragging The handle shows a temporary size device.
     In terms of decoration and case, the case with a diameter of 44 mm and a thickness of 13.55 mm is made of 18k yellow gold or 950 platinum and has a water resistance of 30 meters. The pointer uses the famous Breguet needle. The periphery of the dial is a circle with Roman numerals, silver-plated and satin-finished, and the edges are hand-engraved rose gold or platinum time markers.

     The center of the dial shows the earth pattern. There are three dial patterns to choose from: Europe and Africa, Asia Pacific or the Americas. The ‘Wave’ pattern in the ocean was created by inscription and hand-carving. The marine part is treated with multiple layers of lacquer, while the mainland is polished. On the day / night indicator, the sky is made of lapis lazuli containing pyrite inclusions, which look like tiny gold spots to express the stars. The sun is made of gold, while the moon is rhodium-plated gold. The caseback engraved with the Breguet name and serial number is made of silver-plated 18k yellow gold and is fully hand-carved.